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1 year, 9 months out from surgery food diary.


Six Month Post Op

I'm going to use this thread to record my food intake from now on. I'm going to be completely honest (even if I eat cake and crisps at the same time and wash it down with milkshake - ok, so maybe I'm not THAT bad!) with the amounts and my levels of carbs, proteins, fats and calories at the end of each day and the weight at the end of the week. I start at 10 stone 3, or 143lbs. I had my surgery on the 6th of November 2009 and you can see my stats to the left there. Even if not a soul reads this, I'm hoping it will give me drive anyway! :) I'm also going to be taking photos of each of my meals and will try and post the photos each day too.

A little background in the first post, so I can remind myself what I am aiming for! -
I am so close to my goal and would love to reach it in time for my Civil Partnership on the 28th October of this year (very excited!). I've noticed my eating patterns are a bit dodgy recently, and have stopped loosing weight, so I need a kick up the bum and to go back to basics. I will never give up all carbs (I have a very brain demanding job, and need the 'food for thought!') but I need to up my protein again and cut down on the processed grains.

I'm currently a size 10-12. I'd love to be a size 10 everywhere (not a vanity size 10 ;) ). I'm 5'2 and am naturally petite, so think this is a good goal. I am also currently only half a stone to a normal BMI, some of my extra weight may be skin, I have a lot on my belly and boobs unfortunately - I'm 25, so no, younger people still suffer from the extreme sag too sometimes - but admittedly my skin has never been very elastic, stretch marks cannot be counted! I was actually offered a chance to go on a new program on Home and Health to have it done, but decided having a baby AFTER a tummy tuck would be stupid, so I'll wait.

I have some photos too, the last photo was taken about two months ago, so is a little out of date.

The first image was taken the day after surgery, the second photo was taken Christmas day.

The following photos were taken in June of this year.

The next photo was taken the day of surgery and the little photo beside it was taken about 7 months after.

And finally, this last photo was also taken in June of this year.

I'd like to also share something very important to me - my latest tattoo. It means a heck of a lot to me. In total (including the bit of weight I lose before surgery ) I have lost 11 stone. This is my eleventh tattoo. It is an anchor not to signify me being weighed down, but to signify a weight finally being -lifted-! Instead of rope there is ribbon which has been untied and twirled about, not just to feminize it, but to signify the 'drop'. Basically this is my weight loss tattoo, to remind myself what I've been through and what I've done :).

And so, here I go with my daily food diary. Time to get back to basics! :)
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Six Month Post Op
Tuesday 16th August 2011.

Breakfast: One slice of wholemeal toast with tsp of 'I can't believe...light' and 2 tsps marmite.
Lunch: One slice toast with two medium poached eggs and one tablespoon low sugar baked beans.
Dinner: Chicken breast in chilli marinade, with stir fry vegetables, half a can of pineapple. 1/8th cup of brown basmati rice with half an egg.
Snacks: Nothing today! :O
Liquid: Three cups of tea, two pints of NAS Squash, half a can of flat pepsi max.

Calories: 1047
Carbs: 99
Fat: 30
Protein: 89
Fibre: 10

Stuck to it perfectly today!





(this was my partners portion, mine was a bit smaller but not in the nice white bowl!)
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I must say you look fantastic. Well done to you for the weight you have lost.

Piffy xx


Six Month Post Op
Thank you so much Piffy, it has taken me a long time to convince myself I don't look constantly awful - but I'm getting there and trying to accept compliments (still very hard!) - it seems we had the same surgeon too. I thought he was excellent. Did you get a DVD too?


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You've done really well! Good job!
I'm also keeping a food diary this week (haven't done this in months) - it's eye opening!


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What a brilliant idea....I hope it helps you reach your goal in time...I'm sure it will be a fantastic either way.

Your photos are truly amazing, just what people like me need to see right now in the hope that I can acheive a fraction of your sucess :)


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Omg, you look stunning!! :-D I love your style (am a great rockabilly fan, though I swing more towards goth myself *grin*)

Well done, seriously... you look amazing!!


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Such a fantastic and inspiring story.
I'm loving your rockabilly look too - it's one of my favourite styles - I can't wait til I can look good in a wiggle dress!


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Amazing! I love your hair. Well done and I am so happy that you have made these changes to your life while you are young.
Take care and take everything that life has to offer you and try to give a lot too.
Lynne x


Six Month Post Op
Thank you so much everyone, once again for your kind, kind comments.

The rockabilly style is indeed awesome! It is so much fun with so much to choose from - I alternate between rockabilly and 50's. I progressed from goth and still like to play about with that style too sometimes - basically I have a pretty eclectic taste in clothes and it is great to actually FIT in to the clothes I like now!

Day for Tuesday now fully tracked and very happy with it, going to go to bed early and read for an hour or so, look forward to another good day tomorrow. Very happy with my carbs/protein today!


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Glorfindel said:
Thank you blueeyes! Will you be posting yours too? I will be sure to check it out if so!
Don't think I will. I'm doing it for myself for a week (babysteps) just to become more aware of what it is I'm putting into my mouth. It really helps me to understand calories and keep an eye on protein. I'm only 8 months out and am hardly losing so I want to make some changes to my diet.