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1 year, 9 months out from surgery food diary.


Six Month Post Op
Don't think I will. I'm doing it for myself for a week (babysteps) just to become more aware of what it is I'm putting into my mouth. It really helps me to understand calories and keep an eye on protein. I'm only 8 months out and am hardly losing so I want to make some changes to my diet.
Whatever works for you, great! That is great that instead of wondering what is going wrong you are taking reins in hand and taking a good look at your eating habits. I've always found that when I stop loosing yanking my carbs down to 100 or under (some recommend 30 or under, but I need them!), fat to 32 or under and pushing protein to 70-120 my body starts loosing again very quickly.

It took a while to work out the right amounts I needed for my body - but everyone is different and playing about will often suddenly shove you out of a plateau. I went two months without loosing a single pound due to dodgy eating and convinced myself I was eating well - when I actually sat back and worked it out - though my calories were ok, most of the stuff I was eating just had no -goodness- to it, and my protein was right down and I started to pick, pick, pick. Need to -stop- the picking in my case, a couple snacks a day are ok, but not every hour, haha.

And generally about the thread - updated yesterday with photos :). Photos from my camera and always wil be, as can't be bothered to whip out the DSLR for every photo!
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Six Month Post Op
Wednesday 17th August 2011.

Breakfast: One slice of toast with tsp of 'can't believe...light' with two scrambled eggs.
Lunch: One tin tuna in brine, half tin naturally sweet green giant sweetcorn, 1/3 white onion. Lots of malt vinegar, salt and pepper!
Dinner: Chicken casserole, with lots of chicken, two small potatoes and loads of mixed veg - carrots, onions, peas, broccoli, cauliflower.
Snacks: 100 calorie pack of peanut butter crackers and large handful of cherries.
Liquid: One cup of tea, three pints of NAS squash.

Calories: 1124
Carbs: 97
Fat: 31
Protein: 99
Fibre: 9




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Six Month Post Op
Wednesday 17th August 2011.

Breakfast: Vanilla muller light with 15grams granola and strawberries.
Lunch: Tuna sandwich. Two slices bread, half tin tuna, half tin sweetcorn, lighter than light mayonnaise.
Dinner: To be updated.
Snacks: To be updated.
Liquid: Two cups of tea, three pints of NAS squash.

Calories: Updated at end of day.
Carbs: Updated at end of day.
Fat: Updated at end of day.
Protein: Updated at end of day.
Fibre: Updated at end of day.


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I saw this thread first last week and showed my husband your transformation. We were both amazed. Not just the weight loss but also the change in style (love the Rockabilly style so much). I am in the pre-op stage, haven't had my intake yet but need to have surgery in order to lose weight to be eligible for IVF. Your 'after' photo is my dream...

I lost track of the thread and wanted to show my mother, so I spent hours going through my browser history trying to find this thread and your photos! haha

Well done!!


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I'm glad you found it because I wanted another look at the pics too.
Isnt she AMAZING!!!
Lynne x


Loves this site x
OMG you look amazing, well done you hun xx


Well done you look stunning x


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You look amazing !! You look so much younger than your pre-op photo's and oh so tiny too...unfortunately I wasn't able to see your tattoo but sounds really nice and I love what is symbolises.

Well done once again....:)


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Love your post, its just what I need to hear as a pre-opper to see what life will be like in the end! Love your style - you look incredible, well done.


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Just found this thread!! Have to say congratulations to you!! Your pictures are inspiring to say the least.. You must be so proud of yourself, you look amazing xxx


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Congratulations for doing so well, you look fabulous. I am in the same place as you at the moment. a plateau, I have done the 5 day pouch test and lost 5lb, but it has got my head back in to gear which is what I needed, Karen x
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Omg amazing. You have done so well, please come bk and post your pics it what I need to follow so I can rein in my portion controll. Xxx