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need a bit of help


I am now almost 5 weeks post op.today I am trying a bit of scrambled egg.i have been told by my dietican for the time been just to concentrate on soft.and leave crispy for a while.i can have soft salad.now I think it would be tomato.peeled cucumber and boiled beetroot.can anyone suggest anything else soft.lettuce is on my list of bad food only to introduce at a later date.i am going to use a side plate now.but will only take it steady first.but if you stomach is only the size of a egg.looking at some of the food that other people eat.how is some of the size portion the size of a egg.i know it will get easier with time.and the healing takes a lot longer.happy easter to you all and take care.soohoo


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Make yourself some potato salad using cooked spuds with a dressing of low mayo/creme fraiche