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Off on my jollies and need some help please.


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Im going away for the weekend to Wales with the in laws, my husband and my little boy. My big girls are not coming because they have had a better offer. Anyway because I am a secretive little sausage the inlaws dont know about my band. They are very nice people but I dont know if they would understand. Normally this would not worry me at all as I have managed to hide the whole thing with very few half truths such as Im following the atkins diet etc.

The thing is I had a fill on Tuesday so will still be on mushies on Saturday and Sunday and am worried about what to eat and also what to say. I am usually quite good at skirting over the subject but last time I had a fill a very close friend of mine almost forced a cake into my mouth she was so convinced that I "wanted it really" and was just trying to be good! I actually took it from her took a bitr and then had to go and spit it out on the pretence I was checking on the kids.

anyway long story short, I dont want a repeat of that and just want to enjoy my weekend. What does everyone think about a dental type excuse? Bearing in mind my mother in law is a nurse.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to decieve"



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I don't know, you could say you want to kick start a bit more weight off for Summer because this is the last year you want to feel overweight when everyone else is in nice summer clothes ??
Or that you have a stomach ache...I think it might be easier for the above one?
If you tell them now it might cause problems with everyone getting along on the holiday, and you don't want debates and lectures when you're meant to be enjoying yourself.
I know it's not Atkins as such but you could go for slimfasts for a couple days with the first explanation and then get back on the Atkins as soon as you can after.
Do plenty of active stuff as well to help yourself along.

Cross with your friend regarding the cake,..seems she wanted it herself and forced it on you to justify having some for her. Next time you could say you just ate or take an atkins bar in your bag ready (just buy one and have it with you for those sorts of things...you don't need to buy them in bulk but it might be good to have one ready so you can stick to plan but be having a sweet treat so you don't get that silly pressure.. or just say "I'd rather not be fat thanks"

Back to the in-laws, why not tell them after the holiday weekend? As you say they are nice people, and now you know about the real situation with having a band plus know us, you will be in a position to tell them about bands from a realistic angle ,as like many people they may only know about the silly news stories ...so they may be shocked and worried but it's been done now and you can tell them the facts and reassure them.
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I have a similar quandry I will hopefully be 7 weeks post op when I go on a long planned holiday to Spain in August. With luck I will be back on solids and able to nibble the tapas and other delights but know I will have to check out the language for drinks as I don't drink alcohol anyway so usually have Fanta but of course not allowed post-op so I think it may just have to be Agua minerale sin gas this year (still mineral water). Lol

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I would come clean,seems you dont like upsetting peeps or confrontation.Hun get a bit stronger that mate is no mate acting like that,she is sabotaging your journey.Whether she knows or not,you dont need stress around food whatsoever.Tell your inlaws you did this for your longterm health and for your family.You would be on pins all weekend.Tell them.Have a great stress free weekend!Maz x


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i find best thing is to not say anything and say im dieting if someone asks....with us big girls ppl are used to us dieting! lolz.....

mushies isnt a bad stage and u can chew things to death if u have to...have fun :)


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Thanks for all your replies. I know Im a big chicken but there is no way I am coming clean about it. Only a handfull of people know about my op and I even wish they didnt as my weeight loss has been quite slow and I dont want to be judged for everything I eat etc in company.

I think the diet thing will work as they are very used to me being on and off diets. I will take some shakes as Neen suggested and I bet they wont even notice. I wont even say anything unless they ask. Not really been able to stick to the atkins thing since my fill anyway. It is really hard when u dont have many options. Im on mushies today though so happy days and no more soup. hehe.

As for my friend. I was a bit annoyed with her if I am honest but no I dont like confrontation. I thought it was strange behaviour but she has seen me over the past 23 years we have known each other loving my food. Even when I should be dieting. It was a very weird encounter though and I think if I had been an observer of it I would of said something. I am much better at standing up for other people than myself. Thats the nurse in me.



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Yes I know. Thank you Neen. I will be stronger. x