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ok totally confused now - help!


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I thought I would get a pose procedure at SPIRE bushey when i found this site - now having read different success stories it would seem that there is a huge range of different options and providers.

I am now leaning toward the gastric band and am wondering if its ok to shop around but the husband pointed out that looking for a 'cheap operation' was probably a risky move.

Ideally I'd love for someone to just tell me the best procedure with the best provider (local to me in North London) at the best price ... lol the next best thing would to give me some idea as to how to ascertain these things.



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For me at Sheffield, they gave me a choice. My life style of having a sweet tooth and crap will power made me choose to have a full bypass.

I would advise finding the place and talking to them before you pick which one. Band means more hospital visits and more needles to adjust levels.

Hi newlifeforme I have been refered to Mr Sufi at the whittington I have only heard positive things about him and his department I have seen on here he does do non nhs treatment you have nothing to loose by ringing on monday.
Good luck


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I wanted the ROSE procedure (similar to POSE but Revisional having already had a bypass in 2005 and stretched it) but my surgeon said it simply wouldn't work for me.

A decent surgeon will talk to you about your options, I travelled nearly 100 miles to Spire Southampton to see Mr Van den Bossche, he is great.

Good luck with your choice xx


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Mr Sutton

Hi. notice post from patient who has undergone surgery with Mr Sutton, whom I am planning to have a sleeve with. I am totally confused too. It was really worth going to see him. After being sold a band by one of the cosmetic surgery houses,I thought I would get a second opinion and Mr Suttin advised a sleeve. Seems much more radical and scary but having had a 3rd opinion and done all the research, I think its the right option. So am going to pluck upcourage and book in the morning.