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Once Goal Has Been Reached


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Hello fellow Laydee's and Gent Banders

Like most of us who have struggled with weight all their lives and have spent so many years ( some decades) trying too find that perfect solution/diet to lose those extra pounds/stones etc, now we have had our surgeries( for those that have) and finally getting down too goal weight/your chosen goal etc, apart from maintaining when your happy at the weight you are, What then?????? I keep thinking that I have spent so long on so many diets and spent so long trying too get the weight off, once my goal/your goal is achieved its gonna be hard too think that you have thought about dieting for so long what it is gonna be replaced with!!:confused::rolleyes:

A part of me thinks that I will always be worrying about if I have gained a few extra pounds or worrying about what I am gonna be eating. How about you guys how do you think you will be once you happy with what ever goal you set out to do. Thanks in advance for reading - All the best - Me Julie xx
I think for me personally, I will always have to keep an eye on what I eat...I have been my goal weight before years ago and just didn't change my habits so it all came back on and loads more.
I think I am just going to have to be mindful but hopefully this time, have learnt by my previous mistakes.

I would like to catch up on my love of nice clothes, be more active and dare to try some new stuff xxxx I hope loving a more varied life will be what keeps me from putting the weight back x
Great post Julie. I am trying to develop my thinking that the routine I am in is for life and therefore try not to view it as a diet. I am also trying to not think of a goal or target weight otherwise again for me, the danger is that I end up obsessing. I think I have wasted a huge chunk of my life because things got out of hand and then all the health issues exacerbated things. As I am making this journey I want to think about other things rather than just food. Does any of that make sense?

tranquil x
Thanks - my mind is not in gear today:D.

It is very liberating. I think the thing that did it for me was getting my head around things after the op given what happened. I really did a lot of soul searching and it just made me decide I needed to really radically alter my thinking right from the start. It is helping me gain perspective on a lot of things, like work - and that area to me needs a hell of a lot more work than my attitude to food right now - but I am slowly getting there:D.

tranquil x
I think it dawned on me fairly recently that the only things I do have TOTAL control over is what I put in my mouth and how much I move my body.

It really is true. So many years of feeling at the mercy of food and beaten by so much excess weight.
I dearly wish I could go back and tell my 25 ish stone self that no matter how hard it feels and how impossible..a tiny bit of effort daily makes a difference and can be built on daily to improve everything.

Everyone has to start somewhere...I wish I would have believed in my own abilities more and not let life in general make me afraid to try.

I accept finally that I can't wave a wand and make my kids autism go away. I can never change the way they are no matter how much I wish it.

All I can do is guide them and help their confidence and coping skills and not take it as a personal failure when things go wrong.

I have spent years feeling like a bad parent because I couldn't make everything perfect amd I punished myself by hiding and eating and self loathing to the point of breakdown and almost break up of my relationship.

Focusing on what you want to happen is far better than focusing on what's not going well in your life.
I hope that from now on, I won't take every stress that comes along as a free pass to eat myself crazy and try to blot it out. That only hurts me and the people who love me and rely on me being strong and healthy for them.

So ultimately, to value oneself enough to treat ourselves well...feed ourselves nourishing healthy foods and move our bodies to keep fit and supple.
That's a really good goal for me I think