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one of those days


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:cry:today is one of those days that I regret my op.
I'm thirsty and have nothing in the house to drink apart from water and i'm sick to the back teeth of it. I don't drink tea, don't fancy my milky coffee and don't like squash. I long for a nice long diet coke with ice and a slice. Also I'm fed up food wise I can eat almost anything with out having any probs apart from pasta but again I don't know what I fancy and half the time I really fancy something have it and then I'm disappointed with it.
My weighloss is so disappointing only losing 5lb this YEAR to and think was the op really worth it


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Maybe you could put what you eat on here and some of the more experienced folk can help you with losing again. Maybe you are doing things by the book and are just unfortunate with your loss or maybe there is something really simple stopping the steady flow of weight loss. I'm pre op and don't have a clue how hard it must be...but i know i will grab all advise with both hands so that is my advise to you. Don't forget the fantastic loss you have already achieved....you look brill too x


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What has your total weightless been? More than 5lbs I bet!!!

That's what you should focus on. Can't you have a flat coke? Or how about some apple juice?

This will pass, try and think of the positive I know it's hard but we are going to have a much healthier future than if we just continued putting on weight.

And please, stop being a daftmoo xxxx

Lots of love


Baxter's mum
how about making some coke ice lollies?


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Lisa J

As Sarah said post your daily food intake on here perhaps we can help? I have pepsi max every now and then and its never done me any harm. xxx


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Sue, you have lost half your excess weight. Me and you ride the same bus on this weight loss journey. Both of us thought it would just drop off as if by magic, and it hasn't. So now we are going to have to work at it....

Let's get back to posting menus to each other, maybe get onto myfitnesspal and see what your intake is like? Get some sugar free ice lollies made and put down that bloody pear cider, if i can't have it then neither can you lol, let's have a small glass of wine together instead xx