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I think I may have pushed it a bit at lunch today. I pureed some braised beef and veg that my OH had last night. It was a little thick granted but no more so than what I had yesterday. I managed a few mouthfuls before I got a really bad pain my my lower chest - bit like bad indigestion. I could feel my gullet/tummy trying to move it but it hurt like hell!

Luckily my wife was there and suggested a walk around the block to see if it would shift - and it did. But ouch! Gently gently I think from now on.

But I'm glad to have had that walk as I've just spotted that Manchester's Christmas Market is being set up and that means Christmas is nearly here! YAY!
It's going to be interesting to find out what makes it hurt - but I don't want to find out because it hurts! :D x
I don't usually butt in on here but if you're only two weeks post op then you are nowhere close to eating what you've described. You should still be on fluids and very very runny food, not thick meat and veg. Your stomach needs time to heal my friend, go back to exactly what you've been told by your dietitian. I'm concerned for you.
gibgab - don't worry - I've learnt my lesson. I'm on runny mush now, not risking that again. But thank you for your concern :)
Be careful...if your only 2weeks post op aren't you still on thin clear liquids stage ? Never mind thin mush ?
It's so easy in your mind thinking your ready for more,when your body tells you different.
I had 3 weeks liquid before 3 weeks purée. It's to allow the stomach to heal, it's worked for me..tiny little sips and tiny little amounts! I was so worried about a leak I didn't rush it. Good luck x
ouch! draw a line under that now and carry on following what your provider suggests. We all learn the hard way one way or another...
last year i was eating in a rush because i was absolutely starving and forgot myself and took a big mouthful of rice on a train and yep... was sick right there. it was HORRIFIC. at least you wernt in public lol! and i LOVE the xmas market! i can smell the bratwursts from here!

hope you are feeling better now

lu xx
My team said 2 weeks liquid, 2 weeks puree and then on to solids. I'm coping on mush quite well - had runny chilli con carne without the beans this evening and it was fine X
Hi Anna - doing well thanks. Coping with the mush and seeing the weight coming off is such a thrill! X
Aww that's fantastic do you know how much you have lost in total yet? I'm missing the soft food and liquids looking forward to going back to it next week x
Since the start of the pre-op diet it's 44 lbs - so 2 stone 2 lbs. Since surgery (weighed in on Monday morning) 1 stone :)
That's fantastic ohtobeskiny, I weighed in this morning and another 2lbs lost just hope the hospital group ones say the same tomorrow xx
Just realised 44lbs is 3 stone 2lbs! Oops! Well done with your weight loss hunny Xx
Doing well thanks hunny. Lost 4 stone 2 and down 3 clothes sizes. Getting better with what food works and what doesn't! Very tired but that's a combination of lack of calories and the time if year! How's you? X
Oh my god that's fantastic!!! Well done,I'm doing ok thanks hun just getting used to it all don't think you can ever prepare yourself for the changes xx
Tell me about it! I didn't realise quite how much my life revolved around food. It's an odd but lovely feeling not to be controlled by it anymore!
Hi Slinky. You're doing so well! Your comment about life revolving around food really rang a bell with me. It seems I devoted so much of my time and energy to thinking about food, preparing food, talking abut food, eating food .......... So much that in the first weeks after surgery I was lost as all of a sudden I had a lot of free time and didn't know what to do without my familiar food-related routines. At the moment I'm lucky enough to be able to fill the time with nice distractions - a jumper that I started knitting four years ago has finally been finished. It's so nice not to be constantly controlled by thoughts about where the next meal is coming from. Just need to find something more productive to fill the time now :)

Congrats again on your fabulous progress :)

Potter x