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Pain ....


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Hi all

Recently had my sleeve done 13th jan so nearly a week ... Still early days I guess ...BUT ...I'm fine sitting down but when I go to get up its feels like I'm pulling/tensing my stomach and it's proper hurts get loads of pain ... Same if I'm lying Down sleeping and then when I go too get up in morning feels like really pulling inside. Is this normal? I'm such a worrier and where I'm getting pain just wana make sure others feel the same?

Any support would be great


didnt want to read and run hope you feeling better soon xx


I had a bypass nearly 3 wks ago but I use to get that but it stopped at around 2 wks. It use to feel like my stomach was falling out horrible. I mentioned it to the nurse and she told me to take my pain meds(I wasn't) it didnt make a difference but its stopped now. You should mention it to your team


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It is early days as you say, and a small amount of pain may be normal, however if it lasts and or the pain is severe then I would suggest calling your team/nurse for an opinion or go see your GP if you can't get hold of your team.
All the best!


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I'm nearly two weeks post op and have had the same thing, is it on your left side? I had the sleeve as well and they say that is the side they pull your excess stomach out of so it will hurt for a while as they may have stretched the muscles inside. (Sorry if this is a little bit graphic!) but mine is starting to settle down now still hurts but it is getting better.
Hope yours is to xx


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Hi Claire

I'm so much better now Tuesday I will be 3 weeks post op and feeling so much better. So pleased someone else had same pain as me I was in agony and worried so much. Hope your doing well so pleased I done it now at first with the pain I was regretting it so much xxx