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Possible Leak - Can anyone help?


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I had my band nearly 2 years ago in March 2012, I lost a considerable amount of weight from about 259lbs to 177 lbs at my lowest. I loved my band.

Last October I had alot of stress going on and my band and got very tight, so I had a slight de-fill. After Christmas I went back for another fill - no retstriction , had another fill taking me well over the most cc's I had ever had before in my band.

I was starting to get worried as still no restriction. Last Wednesday had an appointment and took every thing out, put back in 7 cc, and then did a comeplete de-fill and found there was only 4 cc. Therefore 3 cc leak .

I am so disappointed as I (well my mom) paid £5000 for this operation less than 2 years ago. Surely it should 'last' for longer than that. I have been told that I

a)need to wait for an x-ray and the company will write to my doctor as I just cannot afford a private xray, so on nhs

b) they will find out where leak is on band. If its the band (round stomach) the company who make band will pay as its a manufacturing fault, if the leak is on tubing or port I have to pay as its wear and tear????

Wear and tear?? I was told they last approx 25 years!!!!

They did say that NHS may fund replacement of band - but unsure.

Anyone in similar predicament as I am pulling my hair out: putting weight on, waiting and waiting for answers and also the waiting is eating into my FREE 3 years aftercare which I am not using at moment.

Please help.:mad:


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sorry to hear of your situation i havnt gone through the same thing but hope you find the answers you need soon x x


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I am. Currently awaiting a further 6 week follow up to have complete defill and refill, but I'm only just 18 months out and we have been battling to find restriction. The first check I was over 3mls missing, my last check 3 weeks ago I was 1.5mls, and that was only 19 days after the previous one. I'm due to go again on the 27th to see what is missing again.

The issues really started at 12 months out, prior yo that time I'd only had a couple of fills as I was losing weight without it and had lost 10 stone. I'd not needed restriction at that point and simply by it's placement if was helping me focus with will power, I've gone on to lose more since and stick to the portion size guidelines and calorie intake to continue losing although it's very slow.

I'm also having acid issues and my GP is investigating H.Pylori and a possible stomach ulcer.
I share your feelings with regards to the waiting as at the next check it will then be to arrange an X-ray check, although they have already spoken of surgery to replace the band if leaking. However I've stated that this will need to be under a local anaesthetic as a GA just using for me.


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