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I just decided to make a quiche never made one before but it looks and smells great found this recipe and thought i'd give it a go.

200 gr Fresh mushrooms
100 gr Fresh baby spinach leaves
1 small Red or white onion
2 Eggs
50ml Skimmed milk
100 ml Creme fraiche
Small piece Garlic (optional)
Dash Salt & Pepper
2 Small Florets of broccoli
Ready Made Short crust pastry

I've added toms as didnt have enough mushrooms but think it looks OK

Plus during Easter i brought myself a yogurt maker but hadn't used it so whilst waiting for the pastry to bake i made a batch of banana yogurt will take about six hours but it already smells yummy too xxx

Just had a bit of the quiche and its lovely xxx


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the banana yogurt is yummy too xxx


Is on her way!
The quiche sounds very tasty nom nom nom!! :)


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I use the slimming world one all the time it doesnt have pasty but is still yummy, put on all the veg n meat, had 350-400g of Low fat cottage cheese n between 3-4 eggs depending on size of dish, gas mark 4 for approx 30-35mins. I love these as am funny on pasty.

Iv made a 6 egg one as ot was a bigger dish, but it's easy to change around.

But il have to try yours hunnie as it sounds yummy( when am able to) xx

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