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Should i be worried?


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I have 8.2ml in a 10ml band, I've been at this restriction for nearly 6 months. I'm 2 years 3 months post op.
The last few days I've been able to eat faster & more. I'm only stopping eating because I'm used to the smaller portions but I'm sure I could eat a lot more
For example yesterday, I had 2 boiled eggs in 10 minutes, normally I'd struggle to eat 1 in 20 minutes.
I've got no pain or other symptoms
Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


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You may have just loosened or need a slight fill when you go I'd ask them to remove and check all the fluid as it can be sign of a leak or a possible erosion very worst case scenario it will prob be nothing but from my bad experiences I'd get it checked sooner than later as earlier you catch any band problems easier they are to rectify I ended up,having to convert as no one diagnosed my probs until too much damage had been done despite me going back and forth good luck try not to worry you'll prob be fine x


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Just thought I'd post a quick update, went to a&e on advice from my provider, as I had an episode of unusual pain. Saw a member of Mr Supers' team. He thinks I have sprung a leak as they could only get 2ml out. The standard xray doesn't show a slippage or anything serious. I'm booked in for a barium fill next week. I can still eat anything & as fast as I want, I'm still managing to loose weight though, I'm 6lb down in last 2 months.
I might not post for a while again cuz going on a website is no where near as convenient as the app!!!!
Sorry no time to catch up with everyone else, hope your all ok


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sorry to hear that you have been having trouble, hope the barium fill goes ok next week and they are able to identify what the issues are. Good news that you have still managed to lose though, even with all this going on!

Have you added the link to the site onto your phone homepage/screen? I find on my iphone it acts quite similar to an app but without the alerts etc. I just use the alerts at the top right of the page and the new posts link.

Anyway, good luck and hope it goes ok.