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Sweet treat for us bandits


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Bite size cake at 50 cals...just stop at one and you won't do too much damage!


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oh thats why you said bandits.


They would be a real danger for me- no way I can have them in the house yet- too much for my silly head to cope with :( Maybe in a year when I could maybe ,perhaps control them when I've retired from this ridiculously stressful job of mine! haha


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mmm - me too - i cannot have anything like that in the house, as I have very little will power when it comes to leaving an open packet unfinished. And if it were to remain closed, what would be the fun ;) i save my treats for when i am dining out or at work


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Well I've still only had one so far so pleased with myself! Helps that they're all individually wrapped tho! Gonna last me a month at this rate :)


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I admire your will power Jo, Im not a lover of cakes but I would probably eat them anyway if I got them! x