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thought i was going to challenge myself to the max


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My oh my i have just got back from a fantastic morning where i tought i was going to challenge myself to the max physically and mentally.

i have just done the go ape high wire course at rivington and it wa seasy peasy. I did all the extreem obsicals and so enjoyed enjoyed it.

There were 9 of us set off and by the end there were 3 of us me and 2 od my friends husbands. and whilst havimg lunch after one of them said you were up and down them trees like a squirral.....:p

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i would be doing something like that but to enjoy it and find it so easy!!!!!! bring on the next challenge!!!!


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That sounds fun, would have liked to see it, next time have someone video it! You are always challenging yourself, good for you, I admire that so much.

You rock!
Good for you! Sounds like great fun! xx