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Tips please for post op liquid diet


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Hands up i'm struggling a bit have been very tearful last two days. Still feeling physically ok but mentally it's a bit different, did not realise how much my taste buds would be affected every "liquid i try doesn't taste as it should and i find the smells and cravings for solid food happening more and more. Think part of the problem is the obvious taking it easy and too much time on my hands makes you think more. I've tried to vary my liquid tastes as much as possible to see if anything hits the spot. Please don't take this as me being anyway ungrateful or ill prepared i am so grateful to have this chance to be and do everything i've dreamed of for so long but maybe i just underestimated the early post op stages. Any of your experiences or tips would be helpful thanks everyone xx

Congratulations hun on your surgery, hope you are making a very steady recovery, I have posted a garlic soup and a garlic and coriander soup in the recipes threat, i made the garlic soup yesterday and it tasted lovely, surprisingly not too strong in garlic taste either, maybe give that a go for a change, the garlic and coriander soup i am making today. I hope you find something soon to hit the spot :) here is the link for the soups. X
There may even be something there that others have posted that you might fancy, hope something in there works for you :)