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What did you eat today SLEEVIES?

B- one weetabix
S- yogurt fat free 56 kcal
L- 3 crispbreads with liver pate low fat 4 slice cucumber
D- 1/4. Fillet of smoked cod with 2 baby pot and tablespoon carrot on side plate did not eat all
S- will have milky coffee later before bed
B- one weetabix
3 Melba toast with 3 crab sticks
Fish cake with cabbage only ate half of fish cake
Strawberrys - 3
B - muller light yogurt with mixed vanilla seeds
D - thinns with jam and packet of crisps
T - 2 small pieces of bacon and I fried egg
S - tiny slice of my daughters bday cake x
Trying to get back to eating & drinking post hospital complications
B yogurt 125ml over 1 1/2 hours
L 100 ml watered down tomato soup
D 150 ml low fat custard
750 ml water
Not done too bad for 2 nd day out of hospital.
Bfast slim fast
Lunch chunk cheese
Tea milky bar yogurt
About 8 coffees decaf
2glasses nas juice
200ml fresh orange
Bottle of water :)

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B- 1 weetabix
S- laughing cow triangle
L- 3 Rita mini with wafter thin chicken
D- 2 chicken strips breast with two baby potatoes with broccoli
S- milky coffee

Lost 5 lbs this week total lost 4st
shelleyt said:
Hi what type of bread do you have? Also do you eat the skin on the chicken wings? You have done brilliantly losing 10st 6lb.

Did send you private message hope it helps xx
One weetabix

Two laughing cow light

4 melba toast with pâté

1/2 jacket pot with tuna and little salad left a little

2 crab sticks

Milky coffee
shelleyt said:
Thanks Tracey, I got your message x

Your welcome xx
One weetabix with 2 strawberrys
5melba toast with wafer thin ham
Fish with small salad and couscous 4 tablespoon went done well first tome I tried couscous
1/2 apple with no skin

Milky coffee
B. 1 weetabix
S yogurt
L. 2 slices wafer thin chicken with 2 ryvita and laughing cow
D - couscous with fresh salmon 2 slices with small salad

S 3/4 of apple with no skin
Breakfast slice of toast with marmite,
lunch small tin of tuna,
Dinner chicken and veg
Drink 2pints of diet coke, large coffee and mcds choc milkshake.

Mug of Tea (300ml)
1 Wheatabix and 100 ml of SS milk
2 Glasses of NAS (250ml each)
Milky Coffee (300ml)
tinned Pea and Ham soup (250ml)
Mug of Tea (300ml)
Petits Filous (50ml)
Mug of Tea (300ml)
Meatloaf, Tablespoon of Swede, 1 florette Cauli, 1 florette Broccoli
Milky Horlicks (300ml)
Yesterday I had:

2 cups coffee w/sweetener and skimmed milk
1 ramekin bowl of Ready Brek w/sweetener
1 ramekin bowl of fish in cheese sauce pureed
1 ramekin bowl of corned beef hash pureed
1 low fat peach yoghurt
3 pint glasses of nas blackcurrant and apple diluting juice