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what you can and cant eat

Well Peeps

I am 9 months post op now and everyday I am discovering things I can no longer eat so far the list is as follows
Eggs (haven't been able to tolerate since op)
Sausages (since 6 months in)
Bacon (since 6 months in)
Pizza (since 9 months in)
Curry takeaway(is the new 1)

so my list of foods I cannot eat is now growing, strangely enough I rarely get dumping but I do try and limit what i eat.

Red meat depending on the lamb or beef and cut now starting find difficult to eat.

Incidentally I lost 3lb this week so happy about that :)

anyway happy loosing peeps, just wondered how it has affected everyone else is there foods you cannot eat now?




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I'm jut over 3 months post sleeve op.
Been trying to introduce new foods & textures very slowly. Not tried loads of things yet but on my list so far:
Chicken (was never very good with meat before op)
Raspberries even mashed up
Baked beans
Salmon - can tolerate but now tastes very strong & fishy??
Great weight loss. Good luck.


wants to be a loser
2 years out and I still can't do
Eggs of any kind
Pineapple makes me dump (will try again soon)
and onions are a bit hit and miss
almost anything else is ok


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Looks like eggs are gonna be a problem going forward then?


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Egg whites don't like me.
Meat is hit and miss for me some days I am ok others I find it hard. Bread is a no no.
Many more but they are my main.


Think I have been quite lucky as I has my sleeve 4th jan and can eat bread, pasta, rice and eggs. I can have anything just small portions, I can only eat 1-2 hard boiled eggs and that's it as I'm stuffed and can eat any salad as well and it's meant to be a problem food too. I find it's better to try new food just in my own company with no distractions as eating hurts when I have to talk to my daughter when she is eating with me x

Miss Tickle

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For me bread, rice, pasta, white fish, chicken sometimes, beef unless it's slow stewed or minced, pork, quorn, mushrooms, sprouts.
Some days I can eat quite a lot, and other days I can eat very little. Wish I only had the eat very little days for a few more months as weight loss is slow or non existant now !