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Where to go for surgery??

Selina Pickett

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I'm considering having a gastric sleeve, however my dilemma seems to be whether to travel or stay local? I've looked at a fair few clinics/surgeons abroad, but I'm concerned about traveling home post op. Has anyone got any words of advice please? x

I didn't make myself clear before, i'm not looking for surgeon/clinic recommendations. Just interested to hear people's experiences in traveling.
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Hello and welcome, whilst we cannot advise you where to go or which provider to use, we can offer you the benefit of our experiences and our support.

My advice would be to research, research and research some more.

We have quite a few members who have been abroad so you should be able to find some threads on the forum.

Good luck on your journey! x


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I found traveling to be easy post op and I went abroad. You can read about my experience on my thread. Good luck with your decision.