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Who can tell me about placating/wraps?


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Hi all :):D

I'm still researching types of surgery.

I felt quite worried about the sleeve and by pass due to the very invasive nature.

Very interested in plictation...any success stories? Things to consider? What's the recovery time?

Would love to hear some opinions.

Feel in such a blur of what is the best thing to do at the moment...

Thanks everyone X X x

Snow White

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I love my plication!! Inbox me for more specific info if you want. But, I lost 12 stone following the procedure in Breclav in 2012. No issues whatsoever and the only side effect has been the weight loss.


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I went to Breclav on 4 January 2016. So far I have lost 28kg.
I was ill for about 2 days after the op. Very weak and could not manage much food.
By the time I was home on the 3rd day i was feeling fine. I was skiing 6 weeks later.