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Why do you have to join Slimming Clubs


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Hi, I have been reading through various posts and I am really surprised that some people have to do WW / Atkins. I thought when I got my band that would be the end of diet clubs. Can someone explain it to me xx
im not a bandster but had bypass... and as time goes by with bypass the body starts to heal its self from the cut and paste surgery its had from bypass... which in turn means that its not quite so easy as it was in the first few years...

we get into bad habits again.. and by going to a slimming club helps some people to regain the control again... i know it certainly did for me.. i had a small regain and while i was still in my target weight i didnt like the regain so opted for SW to reel myself back to reality ...it worked:D
and im now back in control....

i initally was going to have a band... but after consultation with my surgeon i decided to go for bypass as it had the added bonus of not only restriction (band is purely that..)but malabsorbtion and the fear of dumping..... tho not everyone has dumping..
I have a band. A slimming club in not cumpulsory. However, be it band, bypass sleeve etc. what is required is a change in direction - a healthy balanced diet and exercise. No wls will do it for you - you have to make that commitment and effort. Some people like to go back to slimming clubs or follow particular 'diets' because it helps them with discipline and to stay on track. I am following an Atkins type regime because I have noticed that I have an intolerance for carbs - so I tend to eat low carb as much as possible and it seems to be helping.

tranquil x
Deffo not compulsary!It helps when we have stalls or feel we are eating in our old ways.WLS wont fix everything in one fell swoop!Maz x
I'm still pre-op so following weightwatchers to try and help myself and plan to continue going post-op not because I have to but because the disapline I will need while I get my head around dealingwith my food issues that will not disappear just because I have had bypass surgery. The head hunger etc that triggers my emotional eating will need to be worked through and if the disapline of weightwatchers helps me while I do this then so much the better. I can work with my bypass and lose the weight and keep it off.
I hope it helps you work out what is best for you we each work through our demons in our own ways this will be mine for as long as it takes to get rid of those demons.
If only wls was like magic, and you didn't need to put any effort in whatsoever and the weight just fell off.
That would be lovely......but, back to reality!
Hi majella yeah I was wondering about the slimming club thing but I actually thought more about the cheating aspect of the whole thing. I'm gonna have to stop thinking of it as cheating and more like support. I'm starting a programme tomorrow that my chiropractor is putting on "12week fitness challenge" . That will help me in my two week pre op diet and bring me through the next six weeks of managing my food intake. I still don't know whether to tell them or not - it's a big dilemma for me.
Thanks everyone for the info. 5 days post op I better get my wls magic head into perspective for the coming months!! I will have to think of my back up plan for the tough spells ahead. x
I stopped losing weight 5 months post op. Nothing to do with my surgery failing, more to do with my old head rearing it's ugliness. Weight watchers has got me back on track and thinking about what food goes into my mouth and my body.... In the 7 or so weeks i've been at w/w i'm now 13lb down and yet i still manage to be a little bit naughty which i have decided is in my nature... ( i won't ever lose that, but i do control it now)...

The magic wls fairy had the night off when i had my op, she decided i could do it the hard way lol xx