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Wind/ gas - terrible topic but I need to know...


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My surgery date is April 4th for the bypass rny. I'm now reading the problems associated with it like the really foul gas- as I already suffer from social anxiety I'm seriously worried about this and I can't find any success stories saying that this problem resolves itself.

Has anyone had this problem and has it resolved? Is it temporary or lifelong?

I know it's a natural thing but I'm just one of those ladies where I don't want to publicise it or draw attention to myself.

I'm single but don't want to be forever and Iv been reading that it's so bad the smell that everybody knows about it and that it happens all the time!

Does this happen with every Wls procedure or is it mainly the gbp?

Also had anyone had the bypass and not suffered from this side effect?

Thank u in advance- sorry if I don't reply individually- I have recently been diagnosed with M.E so I get exhausted and easily overwhelmed.



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Hoping to have my operation within the next 18 months so can’t really answer your question at the moment.
I hope your operation goes alright.
This site will be a support. I have found it very informative & the people are lovely.
I hope you have more good days than bad with your ME. Just take each day as it comes x

Nearly there-1

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Hi, I have had the Gastric Sleeve and the By-Pass and have not had any problems with awful gas . Hope all goes well for you and good luck.