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Wrappers daily mushy menus...... Post your ideas and menus here!!!

mrs df

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Thought it would be an idea to post our mushy menus up so we can get ideas for new food from each other so here goes....

Tues 7/5

Daily fluids. Protein water 500ml diluted to 1500ml. 40g protein. 174 cals
Fruit tea and water

B/fast. Veg smoothy. Made from juice of 150 cals
1x apple 2x celery stick 1/2 yellow pepper
2-3 inch cucumber. Handful spinach & slice of
Lemon. All blended with 1/2 avocado

Snack. Protein shake. One scoop protein powder 18g protein. 96 cals
Shaken with 150ml water

Lunch. Soup 150 ml homemade mushroom. 30 cals

Dinner. Tin mackerel. Mashed with. 14.5g protein. 90 cals
Ww carrot/swede 1/2 portion. 1.5g protein. 91 cals

Totals. 74g. 631 cals

Wed 8/5

Daily fluids. Protein water/fruit tea/water. 40g. 174 cals

B/fast. Veg juice ( without avocado) 20 cals

Snack. Protein shake. 18g. 96 cals

Lunch 1/2 M&S kids cott pie. 7g. 105 cals

Snack. Soup 150ml homemade broccoli & almond. 2g. 50 cals

Dinner. 2x ww cheese triangles mashed with. 4g. 50 cals
Ww carrot/swede 1/2 portion. 1.5g. 91 cals

Totals. 72.5g. 586 cals

I use the protein water to bump up my intake whilst I can only consume such small amounts of food. You can buy it online at myprotein.com. I am aiming for 100g protein and about 900 cals daily by the time I'm at about 6 weeks. I don't have any prob getting my 2ltrs of fluid a day as I have my fruit tea first then make myself drink the first 500ml bottle before breakfast which I have about 9.30-10. It's still a struggle getting all meals consumed as the waiting 30mins before eating after drinking and vice versa is a pain in the ass!!!!

I've also had yogurts and in particular the Danio yog. It's 13g protein and 125 cals....yummy!!!

Ww = weight watchers!!!!

Looking forward to seeing what else I can eat

Happy Thursday
Luv sarah
:) x

big dee

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Well done! Looks good, am still struggling to eat anything close to that amount yet lol. i still have a couple days before i start the mush. :)

mrs df

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Tues was day 4 on mushy. Prior to that I was really only eating yoghurt soup and cott cheese!! There's a big difference in a week with regard to how you feel. I decided I needed to try to eat more as my cal intake was next to nothing and I lost nothing on week two as my body must have been storing fat due to lack of calories. I was advised to get my calories up to at least 500 then build to about 900 over the next month or so. I haven't weighed officially until Saturday but last tues I seem to have lost 5 lbs in 3 days so it must work!!!!
:) x

big dee

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Tue 8/5

wake up 8.30: multi-vits etc with small water.

9.00: 2 x protein shots = 60ml total 50g protein. ( completely stuffed )

11.00 1 x Activia fruit yogurt = 125g total 4.2g protein

13.30 Few spoonfuls of cottage cheese ( snack )

15.00 1 x Actimel = 100g/ml total 2.7g protein

17:00 1 x 100/150g/ml of M&S spicy lentil soup.

20.00 1 x 100ml skimmed milk with Nesquick blended

* consumed 2+ liters of water through out the day.

sooo looking forward to going on to something with some texture. :(

mrs df

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Thurs 9/5

Drinks. Protein water. 40g pr. 174 cals

B/fast. Veg smoothy. 150 cals

Snack. Protein shake. 18 g. 96 cals

Lunch. 1/2 M&S s kids cott pie. 7g. 105 cals

Snack. Soup broccoli/almond. 2g. 50 cals

Dinner. 1/2 findus cod portion. 6g. 55 cals
With. 2tspn smash. 15 cals

Totals. Protein 74.5g. Cals 642

Being wrapped next weekend. Love the posts-Only found out about protein water last night- can only see it for sale on Amazon. Is there anywhere else I can get it and how much will I need?

Being wrapped next weekend. Love the posts-Only found out about protein water last night- can only see it for sale on Amazon. Is there anywhere else I can get it and how much will I need?


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Sorry havent wrote down individual calories or protein but have totalled at the end.

Breakfast - 1x weetabix with 150ml skimmed milk

Snack - Protein shake made with 300ml of skimmed milk

Lunch - 2x wholegrain ryvita with 30g of Philadelphia lightest soft cheese

Snack - M&S count on us mousse

Dinner - M&S cottage pie, half an individual one approx 95g

Snack - Muller vitality

Total calories 699 and total protein 65g

Also had my daily fluid intake 2l plus my multivitamin and omeprazole. X

mrs df

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Bernadette, the water I get is ordered straight from myprotein.com. It comes in crates of 12x 1/2 ltr. I dilute by 3 so get 1 1/2 ltrs as I really hate strong drinks. You can get them in lemon/lime and summer fruit.

Fri 10th

Drinks. 2 ltrs inc protein water and fruit tea/water. 40g. 174 cals

B/fast. None

Snack protein shake. 18g. 96 cals

Lunch. Veg smoothy. 150 cals

Dinner. 1/2 M&S kids lasagne (mashed). 7.5g. 125 cals

Totals. 65.5g. 545 cals

Had a really busy day. Out all morning and job applications this afternoon then went out at 8pm. It's now midnight!!!!
As you can see, it's really hard to fit in time to eat when you are busy as I forgot to leave z30mins after drinking and only just got my dinner in before I went out. Wasn't hungry though!!


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Just want to say thanks for this thread...
I don't really have a clue what's good or not... But now I'm picking bits off every bodies menu, I feel a lot more confident..
Looks like M&S is the place to shop?

Thanks you guys ( said in a Goonies voice) x

mrs df

New Member
Hahah, M&S s kids meals 3 for a pound and they do twice so....6 meals for a fiver.

Bargain!!!!!! X

mrs df

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Wtf.......3 for a fiver not 3 for a pound......now that would be good :) clearly I left my brain in bed!!!!


New Member
I've got to admit its not often I can afford to shop at M&S but my mam and dad do so I tend to go shopping to their kitchen cupboards! Lol x

mrs df

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I don't shop in M&S but mum and me popped in when we went to matalan the other day. They had lots of reduced stuff but then I spotted the kids meals!!!

mrs df

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Sat 11th

Drinks. Protein water/tea/water 2ltrs. 40g. 174cals

B/fast. Protein shake. 18g. 96cals

Lunch. Dairy lea dunker chewed to. 5g. 122cals
. Mush!!!

Dinner. Baby bel lite. X 2. 10g. 84cals

Totals. 73g. 476cals

So, as you can see I had a rubbish day food wise!!!! Went to friends for dinner for hubby's birthday. They don't know about my op. I said I was on a juice/soup diet until my sons wedding in August. Unfortunately I didn't have time to think about what to take with me so ended up eating the dunker and baby bells in the car and had nothing but water all evening......I was hanging and felt rubbish especially watching them eat a huge fat steak dinner!!!!
We stayed over night and I ended up having to make a cup of tea at 5 am because my tummy hurt so much. I did remember a protein shake for b/fast but I'm only just feeling like myself since I got home and had 1/2 a M&S kids meal.

Lesson learned......look after yourself regardless of how busy you are. It's not worth feeling crappy from low blood sugar and making yourself ill. We really do need to eat little and often. My cal intake wasn't too bad but that's because the dunker and baby bel are quite high in cals but the amount of food wasn't enough now I'm active.
I won't be doing that again in a hurry :-(

Hope you are all having a great weekend :)
Hugs x

mrs df

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Sun 12th

Drinks. Protein water and fruit tea. 2ltrs. 40g. 174 cals

B/fast. Danio yog. 13g. 130cals

Snack. Dairy lea dunker. 5g. 122cals

Lunch. 1/2 kids M&S meal. 7.5g. 125cals

Dinner. Cottage cheese. Mashed with. 7g. 60cals
. Anchovies!!!!!!!! 10g. 120cals

Totals. 82.5g. 731cals

Making celery and horseradish soup today......sounds weird but actually tastes amazing. Only 360 cals for 1 1/3 litres so about 40 cals each serving. :)