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10 weeks until xmas - whats your goal. Xmas Eve - How did you do?


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Just over a stone and a half would make it 6 stone loss in six months, that would be perfect
I'm so thrilled I've exceeded my goal, lost 6 stone and a pound. Feel amazing but keep thinking I'm going to wake up one morning and find it's all been a dream! This is the best Christmas ever x
Well done to everyone who has hit their goals or even come anywhere near, just being on this journey is a huge achievement x

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Ok so I didn't get to 20 stone by Christmas..
But Hey Ho only had my band 3rd October..anyway I did hit the 20's from 24.7 so Im very grateful to everyone that has pushed me on and supported me
and many others xxxxx


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Well, I wanted to lose a stone - and I actually lost 15 lbs! So I'm pretty thrilled. Now I have to think about my new years goals :)

How did everyone do?
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Well done Bally. Remarkable job!


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I am still 9 lbs off sadly but happier in myself. I know it will come off.


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2 lb what off what I really wanted but 5 lb over what I expected so pretty happy with that. Now just enjoying Christmas and will get into the 10's in the new year :) merry Christmas everyone xx


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I found ive actually lost weight over christmas. Now into the 10s very happy :)


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I've just weighed myself and got to my target today of 11st exactly,im really happy and can't believe im here x


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I'm two weeks out and I'd like to lose a stone and half for Christmas, I won't be gutted if I don't though I was smaller than most bypassers when I had the op so I know I won't lose huge amounts fast. Good luck x
I ended up losing 2 1/2 stone, so I was really pleased.