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1st time on here


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Hello my name is carol and was introduced to this site by Maz brad i had my bypass on fri 26 august 2011, i came out of hospital today to start my new life have lost 7.8 kilos in 2 weeks ( 4k of that was since my op last fri, :)


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Welcome Carole, glad it is over for you & your new life can start now. We are very friendly & try to help if we can. Mazbrad (Marie) is also home & has been posting since she arrived home :D


Loves this site x
Welcome to the friendly forum, nice to meet you and hope your feeling well x


Love my sleeve!!
welcome Carol, this is a great place :) x


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Hello & welcome xxx


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Hello to all my name is Audrey and ive just had the funding for my op so I don't have much to contribute yet as i'm waiting to have mine done. First time ever on a forum so sorry if I appear a bit dull bear with me, but not sure what to say ( funny as I never shut up )