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A day in my pouch !


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So i've tested the pouch on egg, soft boiled and mashed, Chicken curry - pureed. Sausage, mashed and chewed the hell out of it. Pureed Macaroni cheese and mashed baked beans - not all at once and the pouch as coped well - no grumbles.

I did feel slightly tired and a touch woozy after the beans so I'm not sure what that was all about and it passed in about 20mins - will keep an eye out for that.
It maybe due to the high sugar in the beans :)


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I thought it might be that Butterfly but they were less that 5gs per 100gs so they shouldn't have. I'm going to try and have some on their own next week and see if it happens again - they might not just agree with me!
I'll probably behaving some odd meals over the next few weeks so I can work out what the belly dweller likes and what it doesn't!


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So this week, the pouch has had cottage cheese, Beef in red wine stew, chunky chicken soup, TOAST :eek: and Belvita biscuits. All chewed to bits.

Pouch took everything quite well, but I have concentrated on slowing down when I eat (old habits eh!) as I think I eat to quickly.

Still no major problems apart from being a little bunged up from all the protein. Happy little belly dweller.


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Hello Pokey
Glad things are going so well, how many weeks in now are you, what has been your worst thing and what has been your best?

Im still hanging on for a phone call but hey I knew it would take sometime.

Would love to meet for coffee at somepoint

kate x


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Tried homemade shepherds pie yesterday and leftovers today. Seems to be ok as not tried red meat in over six months.


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I've had a real up and down week this week.

Meeting with my dietician went well, so added a few more things to the diet - Trop 50, which is a low sugar fresh orange juice by Tropicana - lovely.
Went to Wetherpoons for a meal - had the chilli and baked potato - ate all the chilli and about a 1/3 of the potato, but very successful.

Waitrose do these little chicken and chilli patty things and they went down fine. Scrambled egg - no probs. Think my pouch is going to be well behaved with most things as long as I chew it to bits.

Today I had lovely BBQ's Chicken with homemade potato salad - was delicious.

However on Thursday night I was concerned about my Zinc intake and decided to double my dose BIIIIIIIG mistake. I took 100mg instead of my usual 50mg and within about 15 minutes I was nauseous, wretching and wracked with stomach cramps. This lasted a couple of hours until it managed to pass. :sigh:

Doubled checked with the Bariatric nurse and the dietician and they both said - Yup, you overdosed on Zinc. - be careful of that one!!!

She said the symptoms are similar to that of dumping because your body basically says "nope don't want that" and does what it can to get rid. I've given the zinc a rest of a couple of days, but going back to it tomorrow.