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Hello everyone, and thank you so much for your messages and good will.

Firstly without coming across as an apsolutely ungrateful and self centred person which i certainly am not i need to tell you all that its not been a really good day for me up until now.

I have been continually told that i would be having a December op and everytime i rung the secretary she said this to me. Two weeks ago i rang her she told me it had been brought forward and that it would be end of Nov/beginning of Dec, so i started making arrangement for that as most of you will already know.

I rang the sec this morning and asked her if she had a date for me, she knew i was ringing because i only spoke to her on fri.

She came back and said, yes your date is.................
and it wasnt in Dec. I got all upset and couldnt focus and just cryed and cryed all morning. It was the build up of the past few weeks and getting prepared for surgery, then to be told its not December.:cry:

Anyway my dear friends i am feeling a lot better and have realised that its probably for the best anyway so i can enjoy xmas and take my time with all the arrangements ect.

My Date is 6th JANUARY 2011 Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:D

Happy New Year or what........ and i cant wait lol:D

Thanks for reading and supporting me as always and im sorry if i seem to be a spoilt cow but i really am not xxxxxx


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Aww Andrea I can well understand you beeing disappointed I would have been too! But like you say when you think about it the difference is only a couple of weeks and you can have a lovely christmas :D Try and forget about it and concentrate on Christmas and before you know it your date will be here........My birthday is the 9th January and every year it creeps up on me, it really does come fast after crimbo :D Chin up hun and stay positive :D XX


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Congratulations on getting your surgery date. Christmas always seems to be here and gone before I know it so I am sure your op date will be here in a flash xxx


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Yay for finally having an official date! x

I can understand what you mean. You have been gearing up and preparing for a specific date, So when that changes it can feel devastating *hugs*

You`ll be so busy over xmas, It`ll be here in no time! Xxx


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Thankyou. The secretcary said she would let me know if she could juggle the dates around and let me know in a few days time but iv just rang her and told her not to bother.

The 6th January is it and it can stay that way now lol. She has just told me that i will be starting the milk and yogurt diet on Boxing Day lol it just gets better doesnt it lol.
I dont care now, i just cant wait xxxxxx


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Fantastic News Andrea xxx

Hi Andrea,

You are going to be able to enjoy Christmas and your New Year and then when you take your decs down you will be able to start the year a new woman!

I'm so pleased that you know exactly where you are and you and I will be going through more or less together... I'm waiting for my January date.

All being well in my case.

But for you Andrea... reach for the stars... we will be following you and can't wait for 2011 to be your year...

Loving hugs Angel xxx

:clap::clap::clap: very well done... :woohoo:


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Hi Andrea :) Sorry to hear you've been messed around yet again. Glad you're feeling a bit better now you've got your head around it though :) It will soon come to you,and like you say,at least you can enjoy your Christmas now and be better prepared. Take care xxxxx Hugs x

lisa x

is very happy!
i think its worked out perectly for you...At least now you can enjoy christmas dinner with loved ones and relax about everything in the lead up to christmas..

At long last you have a date...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bless you sugga ...you are going to rock this x x