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Back on it!


Hi, I had my banding in April and was doing relatively well but over the summer, I've played around with losing one kilo.

Had a fill yesterday so I now have 6.25mls in a 10ml band and after a good talk with George my dietician, I'm back on it!

I know where I go wrong and need to come on here and log my intake on My fitness pal which was working really well for me. I stopped when I went away on holiday in July and didn't fill in what I was eating. Eating out was a problem and I came back slightly heavier than I was when I went away. So during the summer, I have tried to get it off, been away again - abroad - struggled again so now I'm back.

Looking forward to another talk with George in 3 weeks and a weight loss!


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Hello lovey,

Glad your back ! How you doing ?



I'm ok, just catching up with your fantastic weight loss BandedHun, you look great and you too Crystal, 92lbs loss is amazing. Christmas will soon be here so I intend to be a lot lighter by then. My last Christmas works party was horrendous when I saw photos of myself. I was so uncomfortable, I got changed out of the dress I thought looked lovely, into leggings and a baggy top. Not this year!

I just struggle with what to eat. Any ideas for a late breakfast/lunch?


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Hi, good to have you back!

I struggle to eat breakfast until later in the day but usually have yoghurt with some granola sprinkled on it.

For lunch, I'm a bit boring as I always have a salad lol. We have a good selection at work and I have a bowl with cucumber, chick peas, beetroot, grated carrot and usually tuna - topped off with a sweet chili sauce.

If I'm going to the gym I always have a banana and a protein shake too.

Good luck getting back into it. You can do it xx


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Welcome back!

I struggle to eat breakfast too, so I often have a Complan shake to kick start me - I love salads for lunch too.

Good luck!!