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I have a teeny bit of spare skin, not bad, considering i have lost the equivalent of a small adult out of my body suit. I can live with it ... Apart from two little things...:rolleyes:

Not going into exactly what the consultant said. But my breasts need help.

Has anyone had an uplift and implants? I have been doing a lot of research and had consultations, but I would really appreciate knowing what peoples' personal experience of this procedure is :confused:


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I'm still at the beginning of my weightloss journey but having watched 10 years younger. And the way my boobs look now 4 st lighter I'm definitely going to have some sort of surgery to sort them out. I do recall someone on here had a tummy tuck as well as a breast augmentation. Good luck. :)


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Mine need help too, if I get a pain in my chest, I have to make sure I'm not standing on a nipple :rolleyes: x

from me phone :D


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Mine look like two tennis balls in two socks! When the weight stops coming off, the first thing I will do is get them sorted!!

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The only way I fill a bra now is to grab all the loose skin and the bits from the side and try and mould them into a cup.

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Sorry in answer to your original question. My breast comes highly recommended and that recomendation was from a plastic surgeon who worked for another company.


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Hi everyone, I would be frightened to have implants. I have big boobs at the moment but I'm sure after surgery and weight loss they will deflate! What is a lift? Is this something that can be done without having implants? I'm just worried about later life with implants when I'm a 80 year old grandma - will they leak etc etc.


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Pmsl, you guys really cheer me up. I am definitely looking at surgery for my boobs, tummy & batwings. I am saving my pennies like mad... Xxx


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Yep had uplift and implants 2 years ago by a very reputable surgeon, he has lead the way in helping those ladies who had PIP implants (which he does not use) with reduced fees for changing them. It was part of extensive plastic surgery after losing 21 stones but one of the most important aspects for me it made me feel so bad having lost all of my breast tissue. He has done a marvelous job and they look brilliant now.

Caren I once said to my husband my boob was sore. He said it was because they were chaffing on my knees lol


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The fullness has defo gone out of my boobs from the start of my wls I have lost just over 91/2 stone but once on the bra they look allright, much smaller but ok, without the bra my daughter reckons i can took them in my waist band , haha, there is no way i will ever be able to afford any kind of surgery nor would I think I would be brave enough to, I have seen how a tummy tuck is done and how you are cut I have no wish to go through that the boobs well its just a cross i will have to bear, I have been dressing cleverly for years hiding undesirable bits so even with smaller clothes we still have to be good at hiding some of our problem areas. I know its abig deal for some people but i am content with the op I have had done for wls, you are very brave ladies xx


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I will definitely be getting my girls sorted, I hate them pre-wls so I'm definitely going to have a nice pair afterwards lol. I think I will need a TT as well, hoping to get away with the arm and thigh lift :)


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I've already had a consultation and paid my deposit for a breast lift and augmentation with beautiful beings in prague, so It hopefully will motivate me to get to goal more quickly knowing I have new boobs to look forward to.. I don't have too much loose skin but my boobs have definitely taken a downward turn and are so much smaller. For me getting them done will be the cherry on the cake so to speak.


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I am going for a consultation next week to get some details of boobs and tummy. Boobs are a definite, no implants thank you, just skin removal.

Not sure about tummy but want to get info to decide when I get to target if this is for me.

Have told my Mum about the impending boob job, but not the wls, she supports me but thinks I am doing the right thing with no implants. I don't care how small they get, just not sagging is my goal.


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I'm the same as Chris no way can afford surgery but they do look ok in a bra although it's a much smaller bra nowadays :) and it has a small amount of padding :) I agree clever dressing and not wanting to do the mutton as lamb thing , but each to their own and good luck to those that can xx


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The other night i was watching tv naked, as you do, anyway i pulled my nipple upwards and folded my boob in half bahaha :D but i wouldn't swap my surgery for the world :) x


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haha Caren I nearly spat out my tea but I have to say I can do exactly the same! lol :D x


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now you've got us all bending boobs :) please remember my tummy is sore so before you have me doubled over in some strange position to check saggy bum etc I can't xx