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Daily calories


I'm having around a 1000cal per day including liquids. I can't walk far without feeling tired. I'm not sure if this is mild effects from surgery/anesthetic or just very low calorie intake.
Did you ever feel faint when you stood up too quickly or spent too long on your feet?
I had to hang on to the wall last night when I got up out of my chair. I've had mild dizzy spells before, but this was the worst yet. Made up with my sleeve though, best decision I've ever made. It's only week 2 post op for me, but I feel that this surgery might just have given me my life back. My Dr told me that I've possibly added another 10-20yrs to my life-span since preparing and losing weight for my op.


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At your stage I was about 400-500 now I'm about 1,200. I wasn't told to aim for anything.
That's so good to hear Will! You are doing so well. I had a few problems with the surgery so started off only managing 300, last week was up to about 500 but today have had a good day and will finish on about 700. I suppose some days I will do well and others I will struggle. Trying to keep it to low fat options. Not had any bad things yet but can eat toast and had a whole slice in total today over 2 sittings! Felt guilty which is ridiculous! Lol. Keep going Will and hope to see you soon xxx


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You ARE all doing so very well well done its a learning curve. You will feel guilt still and over guess things and over think things its all part of the process. xx


Thanks Caroline, I might see you Sat. if you are going.


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Hi fellow sleevers. Just wondering how many calories on average you are all consuming in a day? I'm 4 and a half weeks post op and turned a corner this week and managing to eat a bit more. Just wondering what I should be aiming for or not exceeding? Xxx thanks

I asked the dietician this very question when I last spoke to her. She said its not really about calories, its what you feel comfortable with, but if there was a guide she said between 900 - 1200. But some can manage 1500 easily. I'm starting to get more food in now and feel much better as a result. We have to remember that even 1200 calories is very low compared to what we were on. I don't count calories, but I'd say at a guess I'm on about 800 a day at the mo including drinks/milk etc. I'm making sure I get my snacks in to keep things ticking over. The thing that's getting me is my weight hasn't moved for two weeks now. I'm feeling impatient now! Haha. X


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I'm about a month out after a wrap. A bit different and have been on solids longer - but sort of similar in many ways.

I had half a cup of greek yogurt for breakfast (125 kcal), an edamne bean salad (200cal) at lunch and some smoked salmon on ryvita for dinner (about 200kcal). In between times during course of the day, I've had a tiny banana and a few bits of mango. Drinks wise, two coffees and a tea (no sugar and a touch of milk)

I guess that's about 700kcal total.