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Don't think band working great for me


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Hi all
I'm around 10 weeks post op but only has first fill 2 weeks ago. Finding I can eat more than I expected. Like a bagel with a slice of ham or a hot cross bun. Keep trying to stick to a diet but not doing great. Does anyone know if there are any uk books on diets for banded people? Feel like it's not going to work for me :(


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Hi Jill,

I know im not a "Band" Person but I run a support group, and I have learned that the band is just a tool to help you regain control, but it really will depend on how much YOU work with it, I think you will get better restriction once you have had your second band fill, or so other bandsters have told me..... My advice would be to try and limit the amount of food per sitting, try using a side plate for a guide, and eat slowly, I am sure you know every diet known to man, been there and done all that, we all have, so choose one that worked for you but tailor it to incorporate smaller portions, and i think its a matter of changing the OLD habits slowly and the longer you can keep it up the better in the long run you will be..... I am thinking and praying for you honey, I am sure that you will do great, just work with Your tool...



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Thanks Angie already doing the tea plate thing so will continue with that. You just worry that it will be another fail . Good luck to you as well


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Hi Jilly x It took me about a year to feel a decent level of restriction and I was free falling till that point!
I decided to start calorie counting to make sure I wasn't eating too much because obviously I had little trouble fitting everything in.
I did find when I was following a healthy calorie controlled amount , that it was much more satisfying than it would have been without the band though and therefore easier to stick to.
Keep going for the denser dryer foods to keep you fuller longer and food that tends to stick in the pouch longer before filtering down like scrambled egg and omlette.
Remember to drink lots of water/NAS except for the first 30 mins / hour after meals.
Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes a day (no excuses) even if it is round the dining room table!
Get enough sleep...we crave sugar/snacks to boost up tired brain cells that have not had enough sleep to function properly.
I'm just giving advice that I wish I had been given when I was fresh off the operating table here!
I still have very strong food addictions and cravings and that is a long process to put right. However I am happy to help you any way I can x
I can work out your perfect cal limit from your details at the moment and send you some nifty hypnosis to help you subconsciously as well if you want. Send me a pm if you fancy it x


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Hi Jill,

Your story sounds tale so far sounds a bit like mine. it si just a case of watching what you eaten and controlling portions. I go for my second band fill on Saturday - knew a few days after first fill that I needed to book next one. You have to leave a month between each.


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Thanks all fir advice it's a comfort really . Nina don't think I can pm as yet but will try. If not I will give you my e mail many thanks x


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Some banders do need more then a single fill ( or more ) to feel restriction thats why you are able too eat more then you anticipated hun, try not too get too disheartened the restriction will follow once you have reached your "sweetspot"

All the best - MeJulie xx


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Just wanted to wish you well xx