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Dr el hasani waiting times

Discussion in 'General Surgical Weight Loss Discussion' started by Tom1984, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Tom1984

    Tom1984 New Member

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    Hi, could someone shed some light of the time scale of the bypass procedure. I went to my first appointment with Dr Shamsi El Hasani back in June 2016, and was place on the waiting list in September 2017. Star informed me that I would be backdate to my first appointment, to which would be a 6 month waiting list. I’ve not heard a thing, I’ve spoken to Dr Hasani receptionist today (03/02/18) who I felt was extremely aggressive towards me, it almost felt like she was shouting at me. I even had to pull the phone away from my ear. She didn’t even take any of my details down. - I get that people are stress but really no need to speak to people like that. I’ll most likely get removed from the waiting list now. I would just like to know how long.
  2. lady_em

    lady_em New Member

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    Hi, I saw Mr El Hassani way back in September 2016. He told me 12 to 18 months. When I went for the advise meeting earlier this year 2018, I was told it will definitely be done this year. So far I'm still waiting. Sorry to hear of your experience with the secretary, perhaps she was having a bad day! I believe that the Government cutbacks are to blame for the waiting times but Mr Hassani is the best. I've spoken to many ppl who are very pleased with their results. His manner can be a little off putting sometimes, but I wouldn't have anyone else.
  3. Nel112

    Nel112 New Member

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    Hi, I saw Mr El Hassani back in March 2016 still waiting for my pre op now, saw Star in January this year and she told me I had been put on the waiting list back in November 2017 and that my op would be this year. I also have had bad experience with that receptionist she is extremely rude and makes you feel very small.
    Have either of you had your surgery or pre op yet or are you still waiting ?
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  4. Maria61

    Maria61 Well-Known Member

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    Gastric bypass
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    Mr Jain Luton and Dunstable
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    19th September 2017
    I would phone and enquire and if the receptionist is rude and unhelpful I would contact the PALS office and complain. You are entitled to know where you are on the waiting list. Good luck to you xx
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  5. Nicola barnes

    Nicola barnes New Member

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    Hi. Im also on his waiting list. I saw Star back in May 2018 and was told to expect surgery before xmas. Iv not heard anything since. I first saw him August 2016 so its 2 years and 2 months so far for me.
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