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Grom, that is fab! I am thinking of getting a ped as well. It really is a good way to gauge how much exercise you really are getting.

Remember, slow and easy & no bending for a bit if you can avoid it. Take good care of you!


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Grom, that is fab! I am thinking of getting a ped as well. It really is a good way to gauge how much exercise you really are getting.

Remember, slow and easy & no bending for a bit if you can avoid it. Take good care of you!
Thanks PG!
BTW have just ordered some Nectar protein powder in latte and lemonade flavours. Not sure what they will be like but here's hoping!


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I tried peach Nectar and it was good but I needed to add alot of water and a little splenda to make it taste good. Let me know how you do with them.


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I was supposed to go to curves today but i was soooo knackered. I came home though and cleaned all my house so I did do some exercise lol. Back to curves on monday tho!


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My target is to complete the 3 peaks challenge this year, for those of you that dont know this means climbing the 3 highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours.
As i'm already into fell walking i have an idea how hard this will be. I'm off to the lake district in March for a training weekend and hope to mount my attempt in the summer.


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SS, all I can say is wow!! Best of luck with that - go you!!!



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Thought I would share this online walking at home exercise video and other strength exercises which are free courtesy of Drs Oz and Roizen. Just done the 2 walking parts and am feeling smug about it. Enjoy.


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Okay, it is Monday & I have sworn to get my exercise in this week as I have not been doing it. I normally swim on Mon but weather/circumstances prevented it. The lift in my bldg is out so for the near future I will have to do 4 flights everytime I leave. So, today I did the stairs up & down as well as walking a mile in the snow, up hill, both ways! Just kidding but I did do a mile in a snow storm. I will make sure to do my walking video tomorrow.


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ok my exercise today was putting the exercise bike together. Took me a while as i had to take it slow, but its now done and i can start training on it after i set up the computer part tomorrow


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My aim is to go on Wii at least 4 times a week and walk halfway home at least three times a week!!!
ok.. this is first time have read this thread.. but here's my promise.. feel free to check on me too..lol..

am going to do minimum of 5 mins, twice a day on my exercise bike, walk least a mile twice a week and do wii fit twice a week..

considering am a month from having had my op - think thats more than enough.. the mile walk - that for me is making it round the shops in town.. lol.. or going to end of local beach and back with my dog..

good luck to each and every one of us :)


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Hi, I have been neglecting my exercise and making excuses so I am back on the exercise wagon. My goal is to get exercise 4x/week for the next month to try and make a permanent change.

Types of exercise I plan to do:
Aqua aerobics 1x/week
Walk several miles 1x/week
Exercise video (walk away the pounds) 1x/week
Visit the newley re-opened local Fit City for a class (to be determined) 1x/week

I have done my swimming class this week and walked several miles 2x this week. I just need to do my exercise video tomorrow and I can make week one as done!

I welcome encouragement and telling-off for not sticking to the plan. I will appreciate it, I promise. I sooo hate exercise but I so want to get to my goal weight, change my sedentary lifestyle & firm up whatever bits can be firmed.

Wish me luck,


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Didn't do my exercise video yet:(. I did however walk the 2.2 miles into city center and toured the high street and the Arndale. Walked about a mile back (took a tram for part since it was raining & my feet were tired) so I am well over my 3 mile quota.

Hopefully I can get some fitness from it all.


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Okay so week 1, ending June 17th

1-2. Thusday walked 3+ miles plus aqua aerobics
3. Saturday walked 3+ miles to and from Lowry Outlet Mall
4. Monday walked to Manchester City Center 4+ miles
5. Tuesday walked to & from local shopping center 1.5 miles
6. Wednesday walked around city center and to local shops 2+ miles

Total miles for week, 13.5 & one water aerobics.


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Hiya, i just want to be more active at work.
I have tremendours support from all my work mates (young & old).


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Must do more, must exercise more. Problem is I hate exercise, must change that! I plan in the next week to get a routine of exercise that I can maintain. Just need to get started already!! I am a bit frustrated with myself that I haven't done this already, I always make excuses. pffttt....



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I know exactly what you mean. I've hated excercise my whole life.
Was 13 stone at age 13, couldn't do half the things everyone else could, was rediculed by the teachers, the others kids mad fun of me.
I was always put in goal as I couldn't run fast enough for anything else. This has had a lasting effect on me and at age 57 I STILL HATE EXERCISE. Walking a mile to the nearest shops and back takes me all my time and energy. My knee and hips really hurt by the time I get back, good job I've got my granddaughters push chair to hold me up!!

I used to like swimming but hate the sight of myself in a cossie or anything else for that matter. Went to aqua-aerobics a few years ago and some classes were great fun. Others were boring, a lot depends on who is taking the class.

My daughter keeps trying to get me to walk further each time we meet up and I suppose that's the most sensible options for starters. Gyms really have no appeal at all at the moment.

I work long hours each day and by the time I get home exercise is the last thing on my mind.

Trying to get motivated - any suggestions