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hello ladies i just think its not a good enough product to be marketed as it literally is a 50/50 with those it works for and those it doesnt. and i am going to be quite frank here and say if we could all diet and stick to it why would we be going to the drastic lengths of balloons and bypassess etc. the balloon sould play a more active role in the weightloss even those whom its worked for have said they had to work extremely hard on the diet? that makes me wonder if they had tried that hard without the balloon would they have lost that amount of weight......probably yes.

anyway nucleus called me last week about having my balloon removed on 24/09 and they had completely forgotten about giving me a new balloon/option (not that i want another balloon i cant wait to get this one out).

i then went slightly crazy over the phone and she told me to email everything so its in writing so i am now about to start this lengthy email and will state that i would like a response by friday 7th september which gives them 5 days to 'investigate'. it just shows how much they look after their patients doesnt it, the sister whom i spoke to was tonguetied she literally didnt know what to say........however i'm not niave enough to think they will lay down and allow me to get my money back, i think they will turn it around and say its my fault so i am prepared to fight my case.

To those who are thinking about the balloon i would do extensive research and then make your decision, i wish id found more negative reviews beforehand, there seems rto be more and more popping up though. a 50/50 chance is just such an expensive chance to take though so maybe you should consider a more invasive procedure that does have the statistics to show it works.

Lastly to Nicola1, i am so happy it has worked for you and am pleased your sex life is back into full swing!! thanks for supporting me in the beginning with the txts. i wish you the most amount of happiness in life xxxxx


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I am surprised to read all these negative posts from needtolose4stone. Although i had POSE which has given me slow but steady weight loss a couple of friends have both had balloons and one lost 3 stones in 6 months and the other nearly 5 stones with the 12 month balloon in Manchester. Both of them have only put back on a couple of pounds since removal. I think there is a preconception that you have a weight loss treatment and then you just sit back and wait for it to happen and then look to blaming someone when it doesnt. It isn't easy but a darn site easier than the constant yo yo dieting that i used to go through x


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I am so sad for you that you have had such a horrible time and bad experience. I almost went for the balloon but I could not justify spending £3,500 on an op that would only lose a few stone at best, seen as I had so much more to lose.
I wanted the sleeve but it was too expensive as I was paying myself without finance. In the end went for a gastric band and it has not been without its faults. I agree you see so many positive stories before hand and now I am thinking did I just want to focus on the positive ones as now I see so many negative ones.
I did not take this decision lightly and the jury is still out if it was the best decision or not, time will tell but I am focusing on the positive and working at it. Because very, very early on I realised it is not a weight loss miracle it is only a tool and a tool I believe is only 30% and me the other 70%. I am not fully restricted yet but my problems have been nurse not being able to inject my port, having to go for an xray, anxiety, husband loss of work driving me places etc, excess bleeding from Clexane, poor healing of scars which are not in lines but circles. Just in general not what I expected post op. So I agree for ANY WLS people have to read, read and read again because at least for me it is not a case of ''got gastric band, sit back and watch it fall off'' NOPE! Its more like got these scars now, not sure if next fill the nurse will have the same problem, going for scans and blood tests from 6 weeks of bleeding, broad ugly scars, and having to ''diet'' just as I did without the band, and work out as I would without it. Not saying it does not help to have it but it is still a LOT of hard work.
I hope and pray you get everything resolved its so awful to have gone though all that, paid all that money and getting nowhere near the result you hoped for.
My thoughts are with you and I could not agree more.
i looked it to that but there dont put u to sleep lol so gone for the band am 13stone omg normal am 8 stone and a bit so hes hoping . 22sept Dday for me D/PARK good luck ...
hi redlass, well your point of view obviously stems from people who have done well, i think it is clear that this gastric balloon procedure has faults as there are many cases where it hasn't worked for people, including me. I think to be honest the question i have in my head is - am i stupid enough to spend £5000 to as in your words, 'sit back and wait for it to happen', and i think the answer to that is NO, i could think of many things i could do with that money however i trusted in the product that was sold to me and i trusted that it would HELP my weightloss because lets face it if we have to do everything ourselves then why are we going to the drastic lengths of surgery in the firstplace?? wouldnt we just all do regaular diets like slimming world or healthy eating etc. The whole point of surgery is so there is something to AID weightloss. I am by no means niave to the fact that you have to work hard as previosuly mentioned in my other posts.

And your two friends have already put a few pounds on i just hope they can control their weight gain and dont start gaining again.


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Hi im new on here im currently looking into getting a gastric balloon as surgery is not an option for me im petrified of the thought of it. reading all the above posts has been very helpful but im still not sure what to do.
ive tried lots of diets in the past but i seem to loose a stone don't see any difference and then end up putting 2 back on ! this is why i think once ive lost a good 3 stone and can see the differance i will stick to it.
i think i will get it done with healthier weight as they seem very good has anyone else had it done with them ?
regarding balloons i like the look of the re-shape duo apparently it is easier to settle in the stomach. although i cant seem to see anything about a 12 month balloon on there ? any help would be greatly appreciated :) thanks
hi jade have u seen the varying reviews of the balloon my advice is to think very carefully about the success rates. you have to diet extremely consciously, as in my experience the balloon was no help at all. healtier weight would prob be no different than nucleus as its the balloon that is defective not the provider. good luck in your search for a slimmer life, i have decided to do slimming world as it seems very successful x


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thanks im still looking around ive been on slimming world for 6 months but i always end up coming of the wagon!! but good luck i know a few people it has rely worked for :)


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Im due for my balloon Wednesday! At nucleus in Wales which they're now renaming themselves as well springs I think?
They've been really good with me as I live suite far away from there they've let me do everything by phone dietician, consultant etc i had to make the payment before the dietician appointment as I paid in full. They offer finance to as I've done £1000 finance which was easy and straight forward interest free for the year!!

When I spoke with consultant and dietician and spoke of my anxieties of it not working and not loosing anything they couldn't stress enough that us hard work and not easy as its s tool if you work with it it'll work and I am determined!

I'm joining gym and thinking about joining slimming world or ww for the weigh ins x


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Hi All,
ive got my consultation with Healthier Weight tomorrow !! i think im going for the 6 month reshape duo balloon its meant to fit in the stomach better. would love to know how you have all done with the balloon all going well i plan to get it done next week !! :)
hi ginzeh just wanted to say if your going to be determined surely save £5000 and do it on your own anyway as the balloon isnt always a great 'tool'!! and they had been 'great' with me in the beginning too, until about three weeks in and the service since has been rubbish. be warned, i just hope your experience doesnt end in a big mess.


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Hi, I've had it done now! I've lost 8kg so far, they've been good with me so far, rang me everyday for a week after procedure and consultant rang me day after and Jamie the dietician has rang a few times and emailed this is my 2nd week in now. Dr b is ringing me tomorrow, going to ask for a fill already as he didn't do a full fill to begin with as I live far away he didn't want me to reject the usual fill and have to come back, I think I got a 300/350 and he usually does 400/450 first time!

How long have you had yours now? Have you not lost anything? Xxx

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