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Gastric Balloon Gastric balloon questions?


Where's the cheapest and the best place to go for gastric balloon either here or abroad?
Is there a maximum weight limit to be able to have a gastric balloon?
How much weight is possible to lose if your very very large?
Is it a painful procedure?


New Member
Hi KirstyJade:)

I can advise you on some of balloon questions.
I would not advise to go and get balloon abroad as the longest it stays is a year, and i do believe with spatz balloon it gets filled so you would need somewhere near to you.
I had a balloon but mine was to help lose weight before my bypass, i lost approx 3 stone in 6 months but must admit after a period of time i lost restriction and bad habits came back in. ( i have about 10 stone to lose and have lost about 8 stone 11 pounds with the help of a bypass after) If you have a lot of weight to lose and you are a binge eater then the balloon is not for you. As as soon as it comes out, your old eating habits could come back.
I hope this helps.