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Good exercise after surgery


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I had hydrotherapy after my last foot op and also after the haemorrhage to help regain balance since its nicer to fall over in water than dry land. I found it really helped with the pain but I was so tired after. You can work a lot harder than you realise and oh did I know about it afterwards. I'm sorry the op wasn't a success @Lynneslims but it sounds like you're doing well now :) I've not heard about the flotation belts for aqua fit. I've not done a class is nearly a decade but I might check out if my local pool uses them because I love that idea :)

los in it

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I had a workplace accident leading me to have my left knee operated on and needed to use a walking stick for nearly 5 years I gained so much weight after the injury and more so after the operation so none of that helped by last August having had the wls and walking more I realised I wasn't using the stick just carrying around with me,I was now more worried about tripping / falling but realised I was scared and didn't need the stick Any longer so stopped using it
Well that's nearly a year ago and I feel amazing!
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That's brilliant :)


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Funny how we get given different info around the country! I have had no Physio other than a leaflet but surgeon spent want me doing half of the exercises. I thought I would be good to walk as much as poss but when I saw him at 6 week apt he told me no walking other than essential day to day stuff. No squatting and no kneeling ( not that I would do that anyway - too painful!).

I wish I could have hydro therapy!

Will see how I go after the op and follow up with him if necessary.

Thanks for info, very helpful!