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Lap-Band How soon will I be able to go spinning?


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I LOVE my spin classes and never miss a week unless I'm on holiday.

How soon after having a band will I be able to resume my classes?

I was thinking a month, maybe 5 weeks, if I've healed well..

I need to get fit for skiing before the end of the year.


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this was the info from my provider....

Gentle walking almost immediately and then gradually increase duration of daily walking up to 30 mins over the next 7-10 days. Swimming and low-intensity gym activities (not sit-ups) can be resumed 2-3 weeks after surgery, assuming wounds are fully healed. 6-10 weeks for higher intensity


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Double check with your provider but I was spinning again at 6 weeks. I love it too !!


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Another hard core spinner here. I tried at 3 weeks last WLS, not great. I was ok at 6 weeks as I never realised how much you use you stomach muscles. I've just got the all clear at 4 months this time round to try and see how it goes.


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Hmm 6 weeks sounds about right then, I don't want to risk anything going wrong. Guess I'll just have to stick to walking on the treadmill for a while!

Thanks everyone.