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Will I not be able to go through with my surgery?!


Hi all!

I'm pretty new to this site and only discovered it yesterday! However I've got a bit of a problem and I'd be super grateful for any advice you can give me...

I had started the milk and yogurt liver reduction diet on 6th November 2018 as my surgery is scheduled for 20th November 2018 (exactly 2 weeks of starting the diet).

Not going to lie, it's not the greatest! (As some of you can probably agree) but I have stuck to it completely! Even with my paetmer eating in front of me the whole time and leaving out '''left over food" on the kitchen sides ect and work colleagues eating crisps, sandwiches and chocolate in front of me.

I have to follow routine (me personally or I tend to stray) so every day I'd have:

2 pints of semi skinned milk
1 no added sugar jelly tub (Hartley's i think?)
2 light and free strawberry yogurt (less than 60cal per tub)
25ml strawberry no added sugar crusha (to put in some of my milk)
2 Oxo cubes with water
3ltr water

Nothing else!

I really did stick to the letter! (Well to the paper work they gave me)

During the first week of the diet I had my time of the month and I know I usually gain weight in this week (soz that could be a bit TMI!) And I lost, and the following week I had lost too. Since doing this diet I have lost 8.5lbs.

Usually I'd be really chuffed! But I had read in my paperwork last night:

"Exception of weight loss on this diet is 5-7kg (11-15lbs)"

And now I'm really really freaking out... I'm so so so so worried I will not be able to have my surgery tomorrow now. I've prepared forbthisvsurgerf for nearly a year and am so excited to start my life over again, but I am so frightened I will not be able to have it done now because I have not lost enough!

I reall did stick to the paperwork I was given, didn't have any sort of 'sips, tiny mouthful' or anything of stuff I was not allowed and I am so so so disappointed I have not lost 11 or more.

Has anyone else gone through something similar?

Can anyone provide any advice?

I really do appreciate it!

Thank you all! X


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Did you mean the expectation is you'll lose 11-15 lbs? If so, this is based on their experience of how much people lose. Some will lose more and some less BUT you were put on this diet to shrink your liver for surgery. If you've followed it to the letter, your liver should have shrunk and surgery can go ahead safely. Losing weight is a nice bonus.

Good luck for tomorrow, let us know how it goes x


Hi Mazza,

Thanks for the reply!

Yes that is what I meant. Sorry, I was panicking when I typed my post so I didn't really make much sense.

Oh fantastic! Thank you .I read it as I HAD to lose AT LEAST 11lbs, so that has calmed me down so thank you :)

Thank you very muxh for the luck, I will let everyone know how it goes :) x


Aww don't worry. I expect they only put that in there so as to not to worry people because the diet itself does cause a dramatic weight loss but as long as you are doing the right thing, you're absolutely fine.

Like Mazza says, the weight loss during the liver reduction diet is just a nice bonus so that your liver is small enough to move away from the focus area of your surgery - Sometimes, if your weight is over a certain BMI still ( I think its 50) they may put you on an ECG but this would be the only reason they would weigh you on the day. Your hard work pre-op is done and your harder work post op is about to begin. You definitely sound ready for it so all the best and keep us up to date with it :) xx


Hi Jonicorn,

Thanks for the reply :)

Thanks so mixh! I read that and instantly panicked! I thought that all my hard work had had wasted!

That's made me feel tons better! Thank you :)

I will keep everyone updated on my journey Xx


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Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, nearly on the losers bench :)


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Good luck for tomorrow xx


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Oh god love you don’t worry it will be fine :). Good luck tomorrow :) let us know how you go on and join us all for a chat xx


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Thank you Irine44 . Will let everyone know what happens after :) and yes that sounds great! Xx
We shall all look forward to hearing from you
:) xx

Bling Babe

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Bless you, as others have explained the lrd is purely to shrink the liver so they can move it out of the way of where they need to work, weight loss really is just an added bonus and varies between each individual.
Very good luck for tomorrow we will budge up a make a space for you on the losers bench sears bench.
Check back in when your up to it xx


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Good luck for your surgery, you'll be fine x