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I bought a wedding dress today!


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Oh my goodness what have I gone and done now!

I popped into town with my sister and had a little look in monsoon! Well I found 3 bridesmaids dresses reduced to £21 each that I love. They were the 3 sizes I needed so I snapped them up quickly!

Whilst having a mosey around the sale rails I came across a stunning wedding dress reduced to £48. Wow what a bargain! It's a size 12 so I got my sister to try it on, she's a 14! It fitted her but was a little roomy on the bust, I got her helping of boobs!

I got it on but obviously not done up. After a lot of yes, no's and maybe's we decided to take a chance and buy it!

There is 7 months to the wedding and I'm currently a size 16 with the odd 14 thrown in! I hope the dress will fit me and oh well if it doesn't I'll sell it on eBay and buy another!

All in all a fabulous day. Bride and 3 x bridesmaids kitted out for £110. Woohoo!
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Wow you are lucky, my daughter is getting married in Nov i hope she can do as well, I might start looking for my outfit in sales, but dont know what size to by


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Don't suppose we get a sneak preview? I bet you'll all look stunning xxx


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Wowser!! What an absolute bargain! I think you have done the right thing....Im sure you will fit in it before then but if not, like you say sell it on Ebay ....win win :D and how great for the bridesmaids dresses to be just the sizes you want :D Well done XX


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How fantastic managing to get your outfits for such a bargain price. I'm sure that you will fit into it within the 7 months and if you lose too much, you could always have it altered. Well done, what a canny shopper you are Lucy.
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How exciting. Wedding shopping and what a bargain to boot.

I hope the rest of your plans go as smoothly and cost effectively!!

Hubby wants us to renew our vows as a hand fasting but at the moment I am saying NOOOOOOOOOOO !!!


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Well done Lucy! You are going to make a sensational bride... I'm so happy for you... love and hugs always Angel xxx


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youve got a rite good few bargains there then ant ya - wedding dresses can cost the earth cant they - mine was 800 pound, (luckily mum paid for it) but i wished i never spent that much on it now as its just sat there in a box, it will probs never be worn again so i deffo recon you have done the right thing and im sure you will fit into it - even have to get a little took of it maybe, 7 months will fly by xxxx


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That is an amazing bargain. Well done you. Can't wait until after the big day when hopefully we will get to see the photos x


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HELP..... My wedding dress is way too big!

Oh my goodness, I'm getting married 6 weeks on saturday and my dress is hanging off me.

I took a chance and bought a monsoon dress in the January sales. I bought a size 12 that wouldn't go near me.

4 weeks ago it fitted perfectly, well a little snug actually.

Last night, I have spare inches of fabric galore. My fists fit in the arm pits, the waist band has a spare inch either side.

My mums friend is amazing at sowing and was on standby to do nips and tucks. It needs too much work now though, the whole top part would have to be removed and shrunk.

I had to buy size 8 jeans at the weekend and size 8 tops so I'm guessing the dress is 2 sizes too big.

Oh my goodness, I have 6 weeks and no money spare to buy a new dress! Major panic mode.

I hardly slept last night, and when I did I dreamt of dresses!!!


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What about selling that one on eBay and using the money to buy a new one? It's a risk but might work.

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wedding dress dilema

What about charity shops, They always seem to have some lovely evening and wedding dresses in their windows or on a rail tucked away usually cleaned and ready to go but at silly prices, that even if you pay to have it dry cleaned shouldn't be too expensive.
Or does the dress still have the labels on could you take it back and get an exchange or a credit note to see if there is anything else in the shop that is suitable lots seem to be having mid-season sales at the moment?


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My sister and I used to run a a clothing alteration shop and we altered wedding attire quite a lot. My advice is to find a good alteration shop and ask their advice before buying a new dress. They are used to doing the necessary alterations and will tell you about any changes to the style that may occur. I know you said you dont have the money to buy a new dress but having you current one taken in professionally will be a lot less costly. Alternatively, you could do as shelbell suggested and put it on ebay. :)

chubby funster

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Firstly, well done, size 8 is phenomenal! I would just see if your mums friend can work a wonder on the dress! If she can't then is the time to rethink! If you're brave you could get your local paper in to do the magical shrinking woman story and see if a bridal shop will hire you a dress for the free advertising? I've heard of similar things being some before. X


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Chubbyfunster what a fab idea!!! and what a recognition for all your hard work simplylucy!!! Go for it girl you desrve the best ever wedding day a girl can have. :)