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RNY Gastric Bypass Ooooh I didnt see this yesterday!


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I am a bride to be! I am getting married to my partner of 4 years on 1st May next year. I have already bought my wedding dress, it is gorgeous but in a size 20! lol...Im currently sitting in size 16-18!

The theme is my favourite colours of red, white and black.

I am out on Sat with 2 of my 3 bridesmaids to get them their black bridesmaid dresses. My niece is going to be a flower girl wearing white/ivory.

I went out yesterday and bought the card to make my own invitations and these will hopefully be completed before Christmas but sent out in Jan when everyone has the January blues...something to cheer them up :D

My Aunty will be doing my cake...she is a professional cake maker/decorator and has suggested a 4ft cake haha....each with a different layer!

I will literally be 12 months post op then and the question on everyones lips is...will I be pregnant for then?! Hehehe

I will be having roses in a posey as will the maids and I am getting wed in my church that I attend each week, followed by a night do at the local Rugby club....I am so excited, and also pretty scared that we only have 5 months to go! :D

Sally x


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you sound so excited you seem very organised,
make sure you enjoy every minute and do everything you want.
i did alot of the things for my wedding like the favours and it made it all the more exciting.
good luck for your very special day


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your wedding day will come before you know it , enjoy every bit of the orginizing of it , i know at times its stressfull and you want to get there in a rush but once its over you will miss sorting dress's, invitations, 4ft wedding cakes lol mind you , you might have other things to look forward to by then like the patter of little feet lol x enjoy x


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Ooooooh how lovely! What are you going to do about your wedding dress? You will be a little dot by the time your wedding comes around.


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Hi Sal, I am a hopeless romantic and actually considered wedding planning as a career. So if you need any help, want an extra pair of hands, etc just let me know because I LOVE wedding stuff! Ahh, 12 years ago I was a bride, seems like it was just yesterday...



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Good Luck with the wedding. We got married 2 months ago and had a fabulous day. I also did lots of things myself, invitations, cake, room decorations, ring pillow, flowers etc. Whether it was to keep me sane or because I'm a control freak is open to interpretation :D

The last three months of preparation really flew by until suddenly we were thinking OMG only 2 weeks to go and still so much to do.

With regards to your dress don't worry about it, the shop I bought my dress from said they had changed a dress from a 28 down to a 16 so I don't think they'll have any problems with yours. So if you do come across any stumbling blocks get a second opinion.

Good Luck xxx

Good lick


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Thank you for all your kind words!
This weekend I am planning on trying to get the invitations sorted. I was supposed to be bridesmaid shopping, but my bridesmaids cant all make it after all (somethng to do with kasabian tickets in London so I fully appreciate it lol)
My invitations will be very plain, and when we have made some I will photo and put one on here.
I think we will be making the button holes ourselves as I want all the guests to have them, but I think my bouquet may have to be bought...not sure yet!
Ahh well...thats where we are up to! Sal xx


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Wow thanks Neen! The boquet with Roses and lilies is stunning! :)


I also love the invitations...If I could make that pattern myself thats what I would go for!

Seriously - thanks for taing the time out doing that for me x


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Well yesterday we had another planning meet and made up a few invitations. I have decided on the design, and just need to twwek it a little. I have calculated I need 60 invites and so far made 10! Haha. They are plain black card with a square of pearlised ivory and red all mounted on...will upload a picture soon!
Next weekend hopefully will be getting the bridesmaids outfits!
All happening!

Sal x


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They are adults and one baby flower girl who is my niece. There are court issues and custody issues happening at the moment with my niece however we have had a court agreement that she can attend the wedding which is AMAZING news and I am sooooo pleased :)

Best wedding news so far!


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That's so wonderful your little niece gets to dress up and be your flowergirl, I bet she can't wait! I hope everything is sorted out around her as soon as possible.
I bet all of you are going to look fab , are the bridesmaids all in red?
I'm not sure what's happening for mine, I was expecting my 3 little nieces would be up for bridesmaid duty but when I said to my sis about our wedding plans she was the first one to jump at being a bridesmaid! lol


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Hey Sal

I must have my head where the sun dont shine....how did I miss that your getting married.

Sounds liek you have everythign under control :) and the invites sound nice, will await the pic...........Glad you have good news about your neice

Xx Take care
Oh, Neen, you've obviously got similar tastes to mine. I had the wild hibiscus flowers in glasses of pink champagne as a welcome drink at our wedding. Another little touch that all the guests loved! x
Found some ideas for you lovey
I have a ton of graphic stuff so If you want I can try and hunt out a nice wedding invite template or two.