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im new


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hi im new here so hi to everyone, im nearly 2 years post bypass, and ive lost 9 stone, so i hope everyone is doing ok with theirs, thanx j:)

That is great. I am soooooo pleased for you. Are you at target now?

Lins xx

come on then jinkas tell us more lol ... 9 stone wow .. what did you start at ? how close are you to target .. where did you have surgery . tell tell tell lol x
welcome jinkas, congratulations on your fantastic weight loss, as brett says tell us more lol.

liz x
very impressive! congradulations on your loss, but we are all dying to know more!!!

Fantastic!! Waiting to hear more!!
Hi and welcome to our little wls family. You have had fantastic success since you op, well done! How are finding maintaining? Would love to hear about your journey to wls & how you have found things. It would be really great for many of us in the early days post op or even pre-op to dream of 9 stone loss in 2 years!

If you don't mind would you please post on our roll call thread so I can add you?


Thanks & hope you post again soon, we are all wanting to hear your story.

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wow !!!! what a loss well done!! cant wait to hear more about your journey
wow brillient weight loss, like everyone else i am dying to hear more about your experiences