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im new

Nice one, you must feel sooo proud of yourself. Welldone and welcome to minimins.
hi im new here so hi to everyone, im nearly 2 years post bypass, and ive lost 9 stone, so i hope everyone is doing ok with theirs, thanx j:)

:welcome: I am luvvin the WLS veterans appearing on here! Tell us more, more, more!
yep you 2 postop tell us your story too xx
hi every1 thanx for the comments, yes 9 stone is alot to lose and it wasnt all plain sailing lol, it took alot of determination and hard work, im not quite at my target yet but hopefully soon, i have not gained once in 2 years, i exercise regularly, but at this stage i can eat pretty much what ever i like, even sweets and chocolate without dumping, but i dont do it often, my life has changed since my bypass and all for the better, i'd recommend any1 to have it, the results are supurb and well worth it, xx
Hi and welcome to our little wls family. You have had fantastic success since you op, well done! How are finding maintaining? Would love to hear about your journey to wls & how you have found things. It would be really great for many of us in the early days post op or even pre-op to dream of 9 stone loss in 2 years!

If you don't mind would you please post on our roll call thread so I can add you?


Thanks & hope you post a gain soon, we are all wanting to hear your story.


I just re-read my own post and very embarassed by my type-o!! I don't want you to think I want you to GAIN!!!


I will fix it now but also wanted to say I am sorry if you thought I was being rude!!!

Pretty amazing stuff jinx - congratulations on all your hard work
thanx every1 for ur lovely comments, u all seem to be doing so good either pre or post op, keep up the good work, i dont know wot to write down so if u want to ask me questions i dont mind at all, phatgirl i was not offended by ur typo lol, take care xx