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June 2015 Surgeries


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Happy Easter Sunday to you all !
I'm on my 2 week post op diet
Trying to imagine my hard boiled egg is actually made of chocolate :) yeah right !


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I just got back from a flight to USA and it was lovely to sit comfortably in the seat, have no belt angst and to use the tray table excessively just because I can!!! I do have chocolate most weeks, I also have the odd packet of crisps or savoury snack and cakes and biscuits. I just have an amount now as opposed to my own body weight! I do realise many practice total abstinence of 'naughty' food but I know if I ban something it can provoke my compulsive eater routine which I have worked hard to conquer.

I am also hit and miss on what will stay in and what won't! Lol. It's funny how it can change on a daily basis.

I've got myself to a BMI of 28 but I am still 13 stones and can range between a size 14-18 depending on the shop and garment style.

Thankfully eating has been less of an ordeal in the last few weeks which is a relief as it had dominated the day at the outset and indeed at one point I was more food obsessed than ever worrying about protein and nutrients and would it stay in.

Being a sleeve I haven't really dumped as such but plenty of foamies, cramps and sickness as my stomach has taught me who is boss!

I've had a little alcohol over the journey. Guess I got to Christmas or so before a glass of wine or post crept in. I have avoided fizzy drinks. I still crave a glass of water with my food but I am also adhering to that rule as if I forget the time try to drink after 10-15 minutes it's still painful for sure.

I am finding the lose skin a tadge depressing if I am honest but recognise that this is what happens when you've been obese for over 30 years. It's a regrettable consequence of my prior problems. I was almost 19 stone so I've lost the best part of 6 stone however almost 2 of that was pre op. My post op loss is modest compared to some and for the whole of 2016 I've not yet lost 6lbs. I guess my loss journey may be over. But if I end up a size 16 and 13 stones I won't grumble. It's still my version of success and more than the 60% excess weight loss the hospital suggested the sleeve would bring. They never suggested 100%.

I have no real regrets I guess and i remain indebted to the NHS for chance they gave me. Have a great Easter. Our oppeversary isn't far away now!!!!


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A size 16 is what I am aiming for so I would be pleased with that size :)
My biggest worry is losing fat from my face , and looking ill , even though I'm not ..
The thought of going on a plane always fills me with dread . I even bought my own sear belt off amazon so I dont have to be embarrassed to ask a stewardess for one and have her frown at me . Sitting in a row of more than 2 on a plane is horrifying for me as I feel I'm spilling into another passengers space . 2 seats are fine for me and hubby as he's skinny .
I don't eat the meal in the plane either as I can't get the tray down :(


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Glad everyone doing we'll.
I'm currently weighing in at 15st 6lbs. Weight loss is very slow now. If I'm naughty I can put on weight also. My heaviest weight was 25st and bypass weight was 22.10 so very happy but won't to get more off. I am 18 top and bottom would love to b a 14. I was a size 28-30. I'm back at weight watchers to help keep an eye on my weight and keep me focused. I can eat anything but sometimes my stomic does not agree. X


July post is a but quiet as well. I have not had many complications a few minor dumping episodes. weight loss is slow but I'm not too bothered at this point, because 8 months out and I'm 1 pound away form healthy bmi. Still need to lose 15 pounds to reach my own personal target.
Start weight 300
Pre op weight 256
Current weight 160
Target weight 145.
Struggling with the hair loss /slow growth and loose skin around stomach, legs and arms. Not to mention my breasts which have deflated. Need a mummy make over.
Glad to know everyone is doing well