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Kat's Bander weigh in and diary thread


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Wanting to record the loss somewhere and guess this is the right place - note I do not log 1/2lbs or anything apart from full lbs loss and as such, round down if I havent met the next full lb up. So if I lose 2 3/4lbs, it is logged as 2.

10/7 weight 336lb
09/8 wk 1 pre 331 -5lb
16/8 wk 2 pre-op 322lbs -9lb :checkmark:-1 stone
23/8 op 319 lbs -3lbs
31/8 wk 1 308 -10lbs
06/9 wk 2 307lbs -2lbs :checkmark: -2 stone loss
13/9 wk 3 303lbs -4lbs
20/9 wk 4 300lbs -3lbs
27/9 wk 5 298lbs (+2*) -4lbs
4/10 wk 6 294lbs -4lbs :checkmark:-3 stone loss
11/10 wk 7 293lbs -1lb
18/10 wk 8 289lbs -4lb
25/10 wk 9 286lbs - 3lb
01/11 wk 10 282lbs -4lb
08/11 wk 11 278lbs -4lb:checkmark: 4 stone loss
15/11 wk 12 276lbs -2lb 12 weeks post op today!
22/11 wk 13 273lbs -3lb - today I reached a 1/3 of my overall loss! 2/3 to go Total loss so far 63 lbs
29/11 wk 14 269lbs - 4lb
06/12/12wk 15 265 -4lb :checkmark: 5 stone loss
13/12/12 wk 16 263 -2lb
20/12/12 wk 17 259 -4lb

03/01/2013 wk 19 258 - I didn't weigh in offically Christmas week but put on 3lb, weigh in today loss of 4lb so overall loss of -1lb
10/01/2013 255lbs -3lb
17/01/2013 244lbs -1lb (following the usual pattern at this stage in the month lol)
24/01/2013 250lbs -4lb :checkmark:6 stone loss:checkmark:
31/01/2013 248lbs -2lb

07/02/13 246lbs -2lb
14/02/13 244lbs -2lb
21/02/13 240lbs -4lb

28/02/13 237lbs -3lb :checkmark:7 stone gone:checkmark:
07/03/13 236 -1lb (100lbs gone!)
14/03/13 233 -3lb
21/03/13 230 -3lb
28/03/13 228 - 2lb
04/04/13 227 -1lb (after Easter break! +2lb-3lb)
12/04/13 225 -2lbs
19/04/13 224 - 1lb (8 STONE GONE)
19/04/13 222 -2lb (+2 but minus 4)
26/04/13 222 -2lb
02/05/13 220 -2lb under 100kg!
09/05/13 218 -2lb
16/05/13 216 -2lb
23/05/13 214 - 2lb
30/05/13 214 - on hols no weigh in
07/06/13 217 +3lb on hols -31/4lb so no loss recorded
13/06/13 214 -3lbs
20/06/13 213 -1lbs (9 stone gone)
27/06/13 212 -1lbs
04/07/13 208 -4lbs
11/07/13 211 +3lbs - 3lbs = no loss
18/07/13 210 - 1lb
26/07/13 217 -3lb
02/08/13 212 - 5lb 10 STONE GONE
no weigh ins 2nd August until 26th August due to holiday
26th August +11 1/2lbs - yep, gained 11 1/2lbs - so back under 10 stone gone. :(
16/09/13 - 7lb
13/09/13 - 3lb
20/09/13 +1lb
26/09/13 +3lb
2/10/13 -4lb
(no weigh in between times)
16/10/13 -4lb
30/10/13 SEVERE over restriction and defill - +2.5lbs!
October -5.5lb overall (over restricted and defill!)10 stone gone again!
01/11/13 -4lbs (defill!)
08/11/13 +4lbs
15/11/13 -4lbs
21/11/13 -2lbs (10.5 stone gone!)
28/11/13 - no weigh in
05/12/13 no weigh in
13/12/13 - 3lbs 150lb gone
20/12/13 -2lbs
27/12/13 +5lbs :(
02/01/14 +4lbs
09/01/14 -3lbs
16/01/14 STS
23/01/14 STS
30/01/14 - 5.5lbs
06/02/14 STS
13/02/14 -0.5lbs
20/02 -1.5lbs (weighed in at 182.5)

New Xmas target, to be in the 12 stones so to lose 15lb

Next mini target 50lb loss by Nov 30th ~ achieved on weigh in 25th October
4 stone loss ~ site Xmas Challenge achieved on weigh in on 8th November
New Xmas Target 5 stone loss.

New Target Valentines Day - 87lb overall loss. :checkmark:achieved 31/01/2013 - 2 weeks early.
Now hoping to hit 90lb overall loss by then.
:checkmark: the actual loss was 92lb overall loss 5lb over target -

Next Mini target my "Easter Challenge" want to have overall loss of 102lb


HOLIDAY TARGET - by August 15th 2013 I want to have lost another 50lb was going to be 3 stone but I've increased the target. If I reach it I will then be 204lbs and will have lost over 9 stone. Gone and another stone in addition

New New November target

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Excellent start always thought i would have a band was surgeon who suggested a bypass to me, gtood luck won't be long now x


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When I went for my consultation, Dr Ashton said that he didnt think the bypass operations were an option for me. They take into account family circumstances too in relation to recovery times and as a single parent with no back up support, self employed and not being able to take time off, it was an option. Along with my fear of anaesthetic too.



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End of what has been a up and down "low fat" pre-op diet for the first week I have lost 5lb.

I don't know how I feel about that. Guess it's the "I thought it would be more . . ." hmmm.

Starting the milk diet tomorrow, not that I have to, but I want to get into the liquid/milk stage and also kick start the loss ahead of the surgery in 2 weeks. It also takes away the choice and eating, which works for me.



Enjoyin' my journey....
Well done Kate, 5lbs sounds good to me. Enjoy the milk and liquids!


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I couldn't find this thread and just found it, so haven't checked in at all lol Have updated with my weekly weigh in's and have made it down into the 20's, however after really limiting calorie intake, lots of gym visits, and really watching what I am eating post fill, this week Ive lost 1lb. It is incredibly disheartening, but I still feel very very limited restriction and I feel hungry as soon as lunchtime passes . . .and then I find that in the evenings I could eat a horse.

Limiting to 20 mins eating, with 20 mouthfuls, but then finding its not enough and Im hungry, even after eating dry food. Think I may need to get a further fill . . . .


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Its weigh in day for me.

8 weeks post op ~ can't believe I've had my band for 8 weeks.

I had a small fill recently and when she weighed me I knew the scales were wrong as it was showing that I was actually 285lbs last saturday, 3 scales later when i got back, it was more than that at 290lbs, so I know they were wrong!

Anyway, 4lb loss this week . . .47lbs gone 8 weeks out :)

Nearly there to my mini target of 50lbs loss which I'd set for November 30th.



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3lb down this week . . .have hit my mini target of 50lbs, had originally set this as a mini target to reach by November 30th and reached it on todays weekly weigh in on 25th Oct :)

am 9 weeks post op and cannot believe I've lost over 3 1/2 stone in that space of time. Still do not have restriction from my band, and only have 6mls in my 14 ml band, but strictly watching what I eat, calorie wise, portion size and in the way of actual food . . .

I see NSV's happening regularly . . .still trying to lose the mindset that "i've lost X but wish it was Y" and what I achieve never quite not being enough . . .but thats my head challenge!

my Xmas challenge target is to have lost 56lb by Xmas so will be gutted if I don't reach that lol but well on target and going well . . .I still have an awful long way to go . .

3-4 times a week Im in the gym, which I'm loving and tuesday we walked the dogs over the hills, only a couple of months ago it almost killed me walking up and down and I was so out of breath, this time, I flew around and it was only at the very last steep part which I felt it, but then nothing like before . . .

Well chuffed :)


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Your progress is fantastic and inspiring! Keep up the good work - am certain you will reach your new Xmas goal!
S xx


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I hope so. My biggest battle is the one in my mind right now . . .the one that doesn't think that 3lb is a good loss and that I should be pleased, its just the mind saying "It should have been 4 . . .or it could have been 5" . . .that never quite being enough is really hard Im finding . . .maybe its cos I want to lose as quickly as I can, but having such a long way to go . . .I dont know, but its rubbish lol


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Sometimes these weeks fly past, and sometimes it seems ages since we weighed in . .

but its weigh in day and despite many factors including me having 2 really big calorie days earlier in this week, I've lost another 4lb this week :woohoo:

54lb in total . . .only 2lb until my 4 stone loss . . . .can't believe Im 10 weeks post op today too . . .

:woohoo: pleased with how its going . . .especially as I still do not have restriction from my band . . .loving the fact tho, that it being there is giving me the motivation and will power to make it work . . .


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4lb down (actually 4.5 but I don't use half measures!) but now 58lbs down in total . . .but this one . . .is a big, if not HUGE milestone and major target for me . . .

(as I posted on the band board but wanted it here in my weigh in thread too lol)

I know I still have a long way to go and there will be people thinking wow you were HOW heavy when you started . . but . . .today, on my weekly weigh in I'd lost another 4lbs and have come into the teens . . .

The last time I went below the 20st mark was when I was on lighterlife 5 years ago, and actually went down to 17 ~ however, it made me so physically ill that I had to stop doing it and the weight went back on, plus another few stone . . .

But, today, I hit my Xmas target of losing 4 stone, not only am I a teen :D but I've also hit my target 6 1/2 weeks early :woohoo: :character00100:

But while I've lost over 4 stone now, (am 11 weeks post op today) my head and mind is taking ages to catch up and so are the wardrobe changes lol even tho I feel the differences, I don't see them, I'm still wearing clothes and tops that are 3/4 sizes too big . . .only seeing myself in a full length mirror yesterday for the first time since surgery I was actually shocked to see my clothes literally hanging . . .and yet, when I think of myself I don't think of myself as being smaller . . .its all rather bizarre.

However, I am loving the healthy choices my band is giving me, the choices I make in the foods that I eat or do not. I am learning the difference between the real hunger and the "head hunger" and I have most certainly learnt a lot in relation to my own eating habits and changing them in positive ways. Although it took me 7 years to have this surgery done, I actually totally understand that before, I was actually never really ready for it . . .that I wasn't in the right place to have it done.

But, YAY! I'm a teen (not in age unfortunately tho) :8855:

So week 11
So 58lbs down . . (4 stone 2lbs)
Xmas target beaten :woohoo:


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Its been a funny week, up and down. I lost 2lb in the first 2 days of the week and then nothing since . . .very bizarre.

Oh the joys of weight loss LOL Still, its 2lb down, I've now hit 60lb loss and Im 12 weeks post surgery today


Next mini target is 5 stone loss by Xmas . . .so 10lbs to go :D

This week tho, my hunger levels have increased somewhat, it can be hard having the band but not having restriction, and when the hunger does increase its hard to have the willpower to not give in. I was hoping to hold off a bit longer, but Im thinking I may book a fill. Downside is, the only saturday fills they do are the second saturday in the month and I've missed it . . .hmmmmm decisions decisions . . .

I do wonder tho, what it will be like when I finally do have restriction!



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I know where yu are coming from Kat.

I now have 7ml in a 14ml band and no restriction. I have another fill on Monday and hoping to go up to 9ml.

At last fill I was told te expect restriction between 8 and 11 x


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Thanks Wobbly :) I have booked in for another fill which is for next thursday. Its not so much that Im constantly hungry (over the weekend I was) but then I did so much work in the house and garden that on saturday I burned nearly 2000 cals in exercise.

But, its the size of the meals that I can eat, I can eat anything I actually want to in terms of meals, food and size and whereas some people I know feel full after half a chicken breast, I can eat 2 and still have room for the veggies! Thankfully Im still losing, but Im hoping that a small fill may help.

So over to todays weigh in.
This week I've lost another 3lb so 63lbs in total at week 13, and I've lost a third of the total amount of weight that I want to.

I also had my 8 week review at the gym this week and in the past 8 weeks I've lost 15 inches and during that time lost 24lbs .

So bit harder this week in terms of hunger and food, but positive never the less.

NSV - made it into a size 28 trousers with non elasticated waist! And finally relegated the plus size 34's to the "too big" to even wear pile :woohoo:


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:)Your weekly weigh-ins are a credit to you & your surgery:)

Meggie moo

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Yay well done again Kat - amazing results week in week out x