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can i ask a question, so ive a crystal chandlier typre floor lamn and it jas 5 lightbulbs in it....the centre one, has blown so does that it mean it would stop the rest working?.... and only need to replace the blown one or does all 5 need doing? :confused:


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Er, I dunno?! Sounds a bit like Xmas lights..they sometimes do that. You should really only have to replace the one that's blown. Change the one that's gone & if the others still don't work, check the fuse xxx


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Usually Kell it is only one, just replace the one bulb and try it first...

Love and hugs xxx


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Hi Kelly, i agree i would just change the one thats blown, but if it shouldnt be long before they will all go if you put them all in together in the first place. x


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Kelly? Don't ever change for anyone! We love you just the way you are xxx