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London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride

Peterborough Guy

Luton and Dunstable
There are a few local friends of mine that fancies doing the above cycle ride next year.

They have asked me if I would like to join them and I fancy a challenge.

I have just looked it up on-line and its a 54 mile ride, I don't expect for one second that if I even managed to finish that I would have a decent time, but its whether I could actually do the distance.

I can cycle now, about 10 miles a night in just over an hour, but then this is 4.5 times that distance lol

And if its all uphill, even I know I would be in trouble.

Has anyone else done this, and more to the point, does anyone fancy joining in and lets get a team going. And for the record Mixman and Karlos will need to be blindfolded to give me an advantage if there up for the challenge lol


New Member
my ex husband did it, and although fairly fit , he wasn't a cyclist , there are a few hills to do ! and they used to lay on special trains to bring all the cyclists back to London after
Kate x