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Milk diet... God help me!!

Bling Babe

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Back to L&D today. I lost 8.2kg in a month which I was really pleased with. Achieved the 5% of my body weight loss and have to maintain for 4 weeks and go back. At that point I’ll be ready for tier 4 so will go on to meet the MDT etc over the next few months. I’m hoping against hope that I will be done by the end of the year.
It’s all starting to feel quite “real” now and I’m having a few worries about the actual surgery but hoping the doctors will put my mind at rest when I see them. X
That fantastic news, well done, it makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it, I think worries are perfectly normal and the time to worry is when your not even a little anxious if that makes sense. Keep in touch x


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Brilliant news & well done on the loss.
Worrying is normal but after all you have had to do to get to this point don’t forget to be proud aswell x


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That’s a cracking loss Deedee well done hun x. Good luck with all the rest xx