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Milk diet

Discussion in 'Pre-Op Diet' started by danic-johnson, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. danic-johnson

    danic-johnson New Member

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    Hi is anybody out there on the milk diet, if so what are you having. I was told 3 pints milk 2 Greek yoghurt but I can't eat the yoghurt it makes me Vom!!!! Help pllllz
  2. top_kat

    top_kat Well-Known Member

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    Gastric Band 2012. Revision to MGB 01/07/16
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    Dr Ashton / Dr Super
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    23 August 2012 MGB revision 1st July 2016
    I had my surgery last thursday and I wasn't given the milk diet as an option, however I did it for 2 weeks from choice after reading about it on here.

    I had 3 pints of milk, 2 yoghurts (and used muller light yoghurts for choice of flavours etc) and NAS jelly. I often used the milk to make up the jelly as I couldn't get anywhere near 3 pints into me, and I had NAS crusha milkshake, NAS squash as well. Unlimited normal drinks and water.

    I lost 17lbs on my preop before I had my surgery last thursday and Im now on liquids only for 2 weeks. I don't like greek yoghurt so just had the normal no fat ones, but check with your provider as to what you can have.

    I could also have a stock cube, but these really turned my stomach so after 2, gave up with these.
  3. Vespa

    Vespa New Member

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    Gastric band
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    Mr Hewes
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    31 August 2012
    Hey, sorry- I'm on unlimited yogurts and only half a pint of milk a day. It's fascinating how it differs from each area. You can call your hospital and ask for an alternative if you want as they need to accommodate for people who don't like milk/ yogurt or who have a lactose intolerance x