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Missy’s Journey!

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6 months ...
I’ve been a busy bee lately so not been on here as much. I am now 12st 2 and have finally reached 5 stone and a healthy BMI of 25.0. I go away 3 weeks today and I’m hoping to get the final 2lb off and reach 12 stone before I go. I’m going to be away for just over 3 weeks. I’ve never been away that long before and that’s because of my weight and I’m a bit of a home bird! On a 2 week holiday, I usually gain around 2 stone! My week at Easter saw a maintain, which was my first post op holiday. The holiday gains are the reason (along with Xmas gain) that my weight has been so erratic. I go away 2-3 times a year. After each gain, I would have to do a VLCD until the next holiday to get it off. Then after being so strict to eating what I want on holiday, I would pile the weight on. It has been a miserable existence and a cycle that my mind and body are relieved to be relinquished from!
I’ve had a bit of a battle with my bloods. Long story short, the correct bloods weren’t taken and luckily I was suspicious of this and asked for a breakdown when I was told my bloods had come back fine. I could’ve left that and taken it as all is ok. However, they had only tested full bloods and B12... no iron, U&Es, LFT, calcium etc. So, after my third trip to the DRs, I was told my liver function test has shown slightly high bilirubin levels and I have to have the test repeated. I had also noticed very light coloured stools, almost like a light clay colour. The two seemed to be linked and can show problems with the biliary system (gall bladder etc). The stools seem to have become a little darker now so I’m hoping it is all returning to normal. I will be re-tested in a couple of weeks.
My 11-year-old KC Cavalier died last Sunday and I’ve been devastated. I’ve had a big loss in appetite but not sure if it’s stress or the hot weather. I really have no desire to eat (more so than normal). Hope you’re all doing well. I will catch up with reading on here today!
Lovely to hear from you I was only thinking last night that you’d not been on for a while, I’m so sorry about your little dog it’s a terribly sad time for you.
Good for you for asking for a breakdown of your bloods, we have to be on the ball don’t we, hopefully things are returning to normal for you now, enjoy your holiday, we go in just over 2 weeks, I can’t wait xxxx

Bling Babe

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And I forgot ..... massive congratulations on that fantastic weight loss:thankyouthankyou: xx


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WOW you look absolutely amazing bloody well done xxx