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My journey through tier 3 in Leicester


I am new to all this and this diary may well be a bit premature! I had my first appointment with a specialist bariatric dietitian last week in Leicester. I wasn't really sure what to expect as my GP wasn't sure what to refer me to and the info I was sent about the appointment suggested a tier 2 group service. I was absolutely dreading group sessions were I would be told all about healthy eating. What I got was an individual appointment with an experienced bariatric dietitian who appeared to be reasonably flexible and made me feel really comfortable. The paperwork I left with suggested something a bit more rigid but I am trying to go along with the spirit of what is required.

From what I understand, I am required to be at this stage for just 6 months :) - losing around 20lb and changing my eating habits to more frequent, small and nutritious meals. Doable? I think so. I am working on eating when hungry and stopping when full at the moment and so far my weight seems to be going down. I didn't diet before the appointment as I may well need that initial weight loss due to water. Is that cheating?

I have got a lot from reading other diaries on here and I really hope that you will stop by mine and chip in. Looking forward to making some WLS buddies.



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Good luck :)

Bling Babe

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Hi Dotty and welcome
Good luck with your journey, if it's nhs as I am there are lots of hoops to jump through but I have found that time invaluable as it's allowed me to learn so much and there is lots of support and advice from everyone on here x
Hello FeeBee and Bling Babe

Thank you stopping by to say hi. I am please to hear you found the hoops helpful Bling Babe. It is hard not to think negatively about being asked to do something I have found impossible in the past. You seem to have lost a lot of weight going through this process. How did you manage it? Has it taken you very long? Do you have a diary or know of any that cover the tier 3 process? I just love the diaries! Sometimes its like watching a drama and knowing the end.

I'd like to share my journey as I seem to be alone in Leicester system.

I started on Saturday with such good intentions, and I have certainly been eating much more mindfully and much smaller quantities. I haven't managed to follow the dietitians guidelines much but expect this will improve once I have been shopping. It all went a little wrong last night with 5 packets of crisps when I was already overfull. I wasn't even thinking, didn't enjoy them as they were a bit past their best. This is typical of my eating behavior but I am disappointed that it occurred when I am not on 'a diet'. Who am I kidding? I have been told to lose 20lb! Learning from it and moving on is next.
Sorry Bling Babe, I have already found and consumed your diary! How could I have forgotten you having to do the milk diet. I hate milk.


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Hey good luck xxx
Ooops. I have already found you. Easy when you know who to look for :)

I see you were like me. Not keen on the idea of WLS initially. Think it took me around an hour to change my mind once I had looked into it. Now I am an information hoarder (or I would be if my memory was any good).

Bling Babe

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Yes at L and D we have to do the milk diet at the very beginning of their three and again immediately before surgery which I hope and prayer I will get within the next year !! I found the milk diet fairly easy as you would have read, thank you for reading my diary, I have done a lot of calorie counting since I finished the milk diet which is basically what I've done all my life, lost and gained etc etc, many people ask me why I don't carry on without surgery most of those have never had a weight problem and with due respect to them they would never really understand, I wouldn't be able to keep this up, I've proved that to myself many times over the years, I also think the cycling helps a little, I don't do loads of miles, I aim to do 7 a day, I guess this isn't bad considering I began in October doing 2.5 miles a day, but I do enjoy it even though I really am struggling doing 7 It is extremely difficult when we have to do the very thing we are struggling to do to be able to continue our journey but I hope you find the support on this forum gives you the encouragement and advice you need to complete this journey Xx
Sadly. I am practically milk phobic. Too many years in infant school being forced to drink those bottles of milk that had been stored next to the heater. Wouldn't drink one now if you gave me £100. So much for the governments attempts to make us more healthy.

As for the people that say carry on without surgery, there is virtually no evidence that diets work in the longer term. Why do they think that WLS surgery is available on the NHS? My personal theory is that it is diets that make people very fat! The cause rather than the solution. People used to be thin or curvy but were reasonably healthy. Then we were told we needed to look like Twiggy. We starved ourselves and then eventually I bodies and minds panicked and it all came back on, and some. The rates of obesity went up as the dieting industry took off. I was just curvy when I started all this and with dieting began all my issues with food. I should've stuck to being more Marilyn Munroe than twiggy. There I am - giving away my age.

I have been flowing your journey and really hope you get your surgery soon. Very impressed with the cycling!
Good morning

WEEK 1 complete

A quick update - Working on eating when hungry and stopping when full appears to have paid off and after a week I have lost 5lb. I have decided to aim for a 30lb loss to allow for any mishaps e.g. holidays and celebrations. Does that sound like enough to ensure that I don't fall short of those hoops? I don't want to introduce any delays.

For the week ahead, I am still going to eat what I like and monitor hunger levels carefully, but I am also monitoring what I chose to eat on MyFitnessPall. Trying not to get too rule based though as this will likely only work for a very short time and lead to binging and weight gain.

Hi Mazza

Thanks, I hadn't even thought of it like that!

Not the most exciting diary in the world but you never know, someone might find it helpful if they have go through the Leicester system.



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I'm sure many people will, no matter where they live. Its great to read through peoples journeys when your just starting out and equally, for you to look back on how far you've come when you finally get your date x


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Hi Dot,
Well done on the weight loss, it is difficult at the start to break those habits, I still have relapses and reach for the crisps/chocolate etc. Have found that if I feel hungry between meals to have a drink instead. I use no added sugar squash, water or even diet fizzy drinks. Helps take your mind off food and seems to satisfy my body.
Good luck
Thanks Ian. I am having a bit of a bad day today. 1390 calories before 10.30am :( I have mindlessly munched through 2 eggs on buttered toast, a banana, 2 yoghurts, a ham sandwich and another egg! I eat when stressed. Now I am uncomfortably full. I forgot the 2 babybel lights! What is wrong with me? The snacks were supposed to stop the long gaps between meals and subsequent over eating. So much for being mindful and non-judgmental.

Still, I am allowed 2200 so I could still turn it around.


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How are you doing? Xxxx
To Lottie from Dottie, I am doing good. How are you getting on?

WEEK 2 complete

The move to calorie counting has been ok. Binge eating hasn't kicked in and I've lost another 5lb. Something in reserve in case of a slip up :) all in all it hasn't been too bad.
Something I am now curious about after seeing someone on here in Leicester post about having to loose 5% in 6 months, suggesting that if you lose the require amount in less than 6 months you could be put through for surgery sooner. Has anyone any experience of this? The post was from a long time ago though.


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Hi hunny...I am LONG way behind you not even on tier 3 yet hunny. Sorry I don't know about loosing more weight and getting put through sooner hun. Well done on your loss 5lbs is fab xxx