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Need some breakfast ideas please

Loving the Loop

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I have settled into a routine of a toasted sandwich thin, a slice of cooked ham and an egg either scrambled or fried. Its easy and fairly quick but I am getting fed up with eggs every day.

Any suggestions for alternative high protein breakfast ideas (I don't like porridge by the way so bear that in mind).


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I have ( everyday) for breakfast, I slice hovis wholemeal toast with Marmite 5g spread, 200ml milk and a baby bel light.

los in it

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I'm having mostly yogurt and fruit sometimes cornflakes or porridge with a drizzle of honey just brought some unsweetened alpen for a change and a bit of crunch on a Sunday I might have 2sausages with 1/2 tin of baked beans


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At the moment I'm loving overnight oats but as you don't like porridge, here's some more:

Yoghurt with some nuts or granola sprinkled on
Pancakes made with almond meal and flaxseed
Cottage cheese with fruit
Advocado chopped with boiled eggs


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When i read this i realise how little i can eat, i would love to be able to enjoy food. These breakfast ideas are great. I am of no help on this one, my breaky is either porridge or a shredded wheat, very boring i know!
Good luck finding a new menu!


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I am a newbie to this site but I am 3 yrs post op in May. I eat an egg and cheese every day for breakfast. No bread. Sometimes I pre bake them in muffin tins and heat up before work. Quick and easy!


You don't like porridge, man don't you get disowned as a scotsman for that sort of talk :) I love porridge and even sometimes have it for dinner and tea as well as breakfast.

If you like weetabix there's a similar product called 'protibricks' that have added protein. They're sold in Asda, Tesco etc. Good for if you're short of time.

The Arla high protein yoghurts are also very nice, quite filling and they have 20g protein in a pot. I also add fruit, usually blueberries or raspberries are nice.

I got an omelette maker from Amazon for about £15, it makes lovely fluffy omelettes that you can vary with different fillings. I have either a chunk of feta cheese, some quorn or beans on the side for extra protein.

It's really interesting to see the suggestion that others have made :)

Potter x

Caroline jess

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I like a slice of soya and linseed bread (vogals can get from most supermarkets) nearly 5 grams of protein and quite dense so it's filling with mozzarella and ham or Philadelphia. Yoghurt with homemade granola. Fruit, cheese and meat. I like to make the slimming world quiche recipe (cottage cheese, eggs and filling of choice) doesn't taste too eggy and you can slice it up and take it with you.
I hate banana but my family love the healthy banana pancake recipe. 1 banana mashed with 2 eggs and 1/4 tsp baking powder (can also add teaspoon hot choc powder/ cinnamon etc) and cooked in a hot pan but make them small like a Scotch/drop pancake size so you can flip them.
I love using my slow cooker but didn't realise how many breakfast ideas there are that you can turn on at night and have a hot meal ready and waiting when you wake up!